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The Tarot of Physics in Face Value and Gloss

The Tarot of Physics in Face Value and Gloss

L. Edgar Otto    Monday, 26 November, 2012

"The motivation for this piece of text was the basic horror experience of theoretician waking him up at early morning hours. Is s there something wrong with basic assumptions of some particular piece of theory? At this time it was p-adic thermodynamics. Theoretician tries to figure this out in a drowsy state between wake-up and sleep, fails repeatedly, and blames the mighties of the Universe for his miserable fate as eternal doubter. Eventually merciful sleep arrives and theoretician wakes up in the morning, recalls the problem and feels that nothing is wrong. But theoretician knows that it is better to check everything once again."

Matti Pitkanen

Thursday, November 15, 2012
About the basic assumptions behind p-adic mass calculations

Some have said (sorry I forget who in the popular saying as I did not regard it as formal and deep although entertaining) that encounters with a more advanced science to a lesser culture would be indistinguishable from magic.  In our states awake or in sleep I suggest that at the foundations (and as I regard consciousness as a much deeper issue beyond the reductionist truths or of magic I will call this simply the Subjective as I am going with the analogical and anomalous division for further exploration as my point of departure) that at any given point in  indefinite of theory considering cultural measure or of time (the difficultly of translating our facts and ideals of symbols taken at face value as our lives seem centered in the existential moments of perception) that in the mathematics and physics discussion we cannot distinguish between the reality as a science or as the realty behind subjective magic.

If we give equal weight to both views we can ask on which side of this subjective or physical mirror what is the analogy or the anomaly when labeled, each reduced as if to arithmetic as to a position or path description that ultimately excludes the other view.  That this view may not be symmetrical is the case with issues Pitkanen raises in the quoted article of the reality or fiction of thermodynamic symmetries applied to systems of reduced particles.  I agree on some level of generalization of physical theory, even beyond the known relevant levels of number or hidden relevance where even large primes play a role that this part of physics, toward the theory of everything and way beyond the complicated string theories,  the Omnium is the frontier of the quest that we at the face of a great mountain find a path through.

In reading Pitkanen's article, as an intellectual stance on one hand wishing I could see the details of the calculations if not the general form of the p-adic numbers of which I do appreciate the greater generality of that branch of exploration, as intuition I am somewhat in a different core philosophic method of enquiry over Pitkanen's Cartesian scientific method of doubt in that as tending toward the Leibnitzean method of enquiry I accept all inputs while agreeing the theoretician should review and check the work to give that achieved balance in the Lockean enquirer fashion.

I have approached things more from the particle side or the finite side of calulation as to the geometry rather than say the usual abstract algebra of Lie group of which so many hang their concepts on that they may communicate or debate at the price perhaps that in the translation we sacrifice true originality.  If in the discoveries at the frontier of our technology in new levels of understanding and results of observation we find the case decided that magic is vanished from the universe or forever inaccessible, why then do the beliefs persist and remain intelligible in a given generation or culture?  Foundational principles, the sanity or the drama of it to be questioned by coming to the table, in the human subjectivity and natural concrete world is the general state that has within its realm at least the reasons or explanation as to why we believe so evaluate on some level what are fictitious forces or fallacies as belief.

So in working with what I call dihedral projections I find it somewhat scandalous should I try to present my concepts as more formal and scientific my previous naive considerations of say the hidden nature if not the divination in the West of the Tarot cards as number.  So too all sacred numbers at some time in our history and especially the binary system of the I Ching.  Now in debates in my innocence I am already excluded from forums by just mentioning these traditions. 

Today, I know better than to feel pressure to follow suit because, not to mention the great Leibniz considered such system that began our age of computation (but many in theory pick and choose what is science and what is not in putting a spin to those who they cite as founders of a discipline) and to make the case better in the way today's physicists treat the finite aspects of numbers it is clear to me that in effect they are playing tarot games and wishing in the divine magic theirs is a science that can make predictions.  Which of us has the greater of this scandal?

That said, the mathematical recreations that led me to this conclusion are of interest in themselves.  But there seems to be two types of people who enjoy the puzzle world, one who figures out the tricks and legerdemain of the magic and those who are content to play the game moving things around meaninglessly from my bias as to whom is wasting their time in a program of solitaire and who seeks to them a meaningless game of higher juggling of the pieces.  One soul's drama and innuendo is another's boredom and offensive assault if they care for another's stance even if both sides have a tenable one.  Many of us find the drama of the Enigma more interesting and desire it as if to be the first to discover the higher arcana hidden beneath the imagined rooms beneath the Sphinx, and then to prove and count what we expect them to be in the super and super-dupper symmetry.

We of course make this observation when our decks of cards now are reduced to the four seasons of 52 weeks... yet we keep the ghost of the joker or jokers.  The Knights have long vanished to the apocalyptic or time deifying realm leaving the jacks or knaves as with these markers in the road abandoned by the four horsemen. 

We imagine then in the raw count, as if in our day children play with the five fold symmetry designed by a physicist the cards of "Magic the Gathering" that the tarot readers where doing the string physics of their day, intuitively because of the science hidden in the sacred and commercial aspects of evolving ideas of number.

So we find the earthly four fold suits of 56 cards and to that we add the 22 of the Major Arcana one of which is the Fool, a sort of zero point or Joker himself.  The more technical of logical and by that I mean arithmetical system designers of the cards do see some things can go beyond this essentially four dimensional system that reduces to mundane three space physics.

In the particle zoo we observe, in my case the use of the dihedron as if a brane phenomenon, or my friend Kris who developed the astigmatic drawing of geometrical objects as edge centered he called Regulus space, that fundamental difference between the bosons and fermions on that level of count and symmetry breaking.  It was hard for me to see how his drawings worked but it did allow super-positioning and separation of the points and edges and it was easy to find in the end that he got the right geometric answers as so viewed from my and other geometers.

A dihedron can exist unfolded that presents but one side and can have a higher count if those sides are connected by an edge while it contains zero or abstract volume.

The tarot set of 78  plus the count of three superimposed in the center cube of 3^3 and three of them is the four space 81.  If the subcells of the hypercube is represented as three such cubes.  So in the heart of this we find the Jokers, the joker wild and anti-joker wild and the Great Grand Joker.  We eventually with the eight fold algebra of octonions reach the irrational golden number of the periodicity of 11 and the resulting inverse space of Fibonacci 89 (still to me hauntingly similar but not clearly related from my to Pitkanen's system).

But it occurred to me what of the Anti-great-grand Joker as well the anti-knights jousting in their games of mirrors?  Is there perhaps a doubt to address in my system too?  In a sense do we not justify the duality of the good and evil gods or principles that hover stealthy in our imagined universe, especially our notions of the relativistic quark like motions in a trinity and through successive higher Euclidean dimensions the concept come that of endings and beginnings of the Christ and Anti-Christ?

Now, is this not the very question we face today on perhaps a deeper level and generalization at the foundations concerning the nature of forces (in the dihedral theory we generalize even Rowlands metaphysical principle in regards to something creating if it physically exists as say its own vacuum, the muon and everything not muon to which in a system we try to expand on or find boringly unified the limits and description of our physics)?

If the Higgs is a sort of absolute particle of which we may not be able to see the hidden influences can we ask of it that as a dimensional entity perhaps of higher neutral or spinning things does it exist also as the anti-great-grand Joker or not or therein is the mystery and magic well cannot explain as if there is nothing more and nothing really there?

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