Thursday, November 29, 2012

Toward a Central Dogmatic Claptrap

Toward a Central Dogmatic Claptrap

L. Edgar Otto    29 November, 2012

Reality as a foundational singularity of a focus relative to the all and more or emptiness of other things in the quasi-finite nonnecessary universe is conserved as the vital ground and freedom. 

Quasi-finite because it is far away from the distant unity regained over possibilities dimensionless in measure to impossibilities or the comparison of those independent states as if a higher pattern of such a singularity be this an accidental or everlasting vital unity of the whole that drives the nonnecessity as source from micro patterns such that no mechanism or characterization of foundations are absolute save between the middle abstract motion or its invariance, fixed or changing neither by mechanism nor chance; a sort of contained mirror singularity with all and no paths or each uniquely hinted at by number or geometric (generalized stereonometry) constructs while the paradoxes real or ambiguously can have half and so on mirror values.

It is belief that holds the bricks of shaved and uniform soldiers together for the gains and power in action directed by the decisions of the chain unto higher command founded in the apparent freedom, in the name of freedom as part of the belief half bonded between them that they depend on the ritual and system, unity, in the command and for their lives in the main the exclusion of independent sovereignty and ultimate moral decision for the reality of the ground and traditions made the more real by the trade between competing parties in stealth and camouflage or suppressed treason evoking in the nameless soldier before his reality in contract commitment or flight undermined in his own unity of expectations by autonomous reasoning half-alive in its reflections as if the black hole empty is the ideal that it surface not be allowed to grow hair.

Even if we reduce astronomical odds against a win (and in people with gambling addiction drawn by what seems the most likely or unlikely, the luck, the asset or drain of time)  or the understanding someone wins the game limited only by those with a ticket of participation over some indeterminate context.  Thus hope as the vital source becomes the reality or illusion in the hunt of directed teleologies.  A transfer of the sticks and the despair into the demonization of (all) others that the hope is substantial, complete, more the real.

We still have to deal within the singularity surface span the lower and simpler range of reduced ordinary probabilities as a weight of many-world replication being in the world as participation.

We see then a command system or a system of judgement for hegemony outside it of command and access to extend or potential conserve its focus of decisions in the hidden stealth of due process public show or fixed juries such as in the universities or a military, first to keep those at the bottom who support the agenda (all assumed potentially suspect as the overt perception is assumed to be malleable) within the organization, leaving it becomes a risk and need for adjustment as if given opportunities not in the interest of the divorced commanders surface assets only of loaded dice to which the looser or freely thinking drop-out or deserter can only blame or count the shown dice pips.

For the everyman average developing human the question as to what is labeled a disease, as in the case of autism and the obvious focus or response of autistic children to other animal species like the dolphins or to programmed mechanical men, researchers perceive as progress in directions averted or toward cures, sociologists as a relative labeling as a disease really shown a myth, philosophers who allow the finality or indifference of the universe as negative despite in stances to their own lives who are the benevolent or sadistic care givers, perhaps inquisitive torturers who believe in the method in the virtual world a place to find the bare core of hidden truths, or as if a child with such influences humanity outgrows this to see in the still wider mysteries hints of a transcending view that in that hidden stealth we find the evidence of higher truths, beyond what we now imagine more simply of the cosmos, Being, ourselves, nature, or what we have styled as God.

In the fall and face to face with the illusion of evil in the mechanical man our dreams if they they survive the inversion and do not escape wounded behind mirrors, broken mirrors and self mirrors real or virtual may have the freedom to be found and desired in enquiry and the streamlining of theory as we develop from this beginning of the birth of our intellects.

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