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Lili in the Diamond Sky Colors and Emotions

Lili in the Diamond Sky

L. Edgar Otto   19 November, 2012

The science magazines come at a good time for my own research and speculation involving graphics and colors.  Color as an aid to understanding mathematical structures as Conway proposed (unfortunately I have not come across his book on the subject).  It feels good to have a formally written paper that after long research, more of a statistical nature, by the Chinese authors.  I have glanced at the paper which explores ways to develop the subject and as usual it may take awhile to see it in depth compared with my own grounding of intuitions as suggested even the day before in my posts on the relationship to the five fold foundational symmetries.

I am not a graphics artist at a time when of all the areas to make a living using computers it said not the best of choices for a career.  But I have stayed close to the logic in the simple programs and have applied instinctively the hidden things behind the pallets.  This is not the gain one can have nor the impediments from an easy to use general program that in theory frees the artist from the burden of use of time in the learning of particular programs and technicalities. With that said this is certainly one of the worthy goals of the Chinese researchers and may bring this profession to the forefront.

But the deeper goals is more serious.  The question of how and if computers can mimic or posses emotions.  It certainly is a marketing tool.  As usually the case we have the more down to earth or the more Platonic view of this aspects of our natures.  Consider Spinoza's Ethics in the attempt to analyze emotions along the lines of the Euclidean model- by the way a model said to be a hymn to the dodecahedron.  As in music we state with joy, sorrow, or desire and develop a system from that.  In music we can sense the happy or the sad ups and downs of falling or rising tones.  Reduced it simply is a stance on what or whom we like or reject or remain in a state of unstable confusion.  But what does it mean in tests to say someone is emotionally stable or for that matter to measure the intellect?  The emotions do seem in recent researches to put up roadblocks to some intellectual or romantic projects of problem solving.

Another stated goal of the authors is the general problem of pattern recognition. What is more universal apparently than the idea of beauty of a human face or the meaning of the expressions and stance toward symmetry and proportions even when beauty is skin deep and in the eye of the beholder so to speak of face values pragmatically?  I certainly in my tastes or contaminated anima am fooled by the natural and the artificial say of ladies with red hair- a phenomenon of which I find both the Rh positive and Rh negative effect on my still lingering images filled with emotion.  But then so is the false color in the sensing of gender in the brightly and quietly dull colored birds.

I should mention the modern mystics among us who can shoot at random and sometimes find the bulls-eye of scientific ideas, the Sacred Geometry buffs.  Even there we find conflicts with an emotional basis that take away from the dawning of general truths as surely as in more formal scientific study.  We can even ask which groups are the artists and which the pragmatic objective researchers for as in music and in color we have on one hand the romantic and on the other hand the mechanical approach- a little of it all in the likes of Newton or of Goethe.

I had a friend not long ago who enjoyed my more literary writings and who felt that people respond to each other by sensing their DNA.  Well, if by the time she was 30, this confidant of her romances, we would be together- she did not make it past thirty.  The search for God in drugs to me has to be one of the great tragedies of our times yet how is it in the great variations and monitor of the sky and being we can respond to this way of thinking or relating to the world?

One showman, Mr. Winter, suggested (actually beyond our ability to resolve the structure of DNA to show it) that our emotions affect how closely it was packed linearly as if a stacking of dodecahedra intersecting so spring like.  These questions on the warp or spirals in nature are half credible themes for science fiction such as the origin of alien forms arising from the heart of galaxies spiraling outward.  What is the source of these half truths of patterns we so sense?  In his competitor, Mr. Tennen, we find no special place even in four space for the special role of the golden section that all such irrationals would do just as well.  Both men seem to have a stance, an emotional one as well, to the idea of what amounts to hidden symmetries and some concrete effects.

I have ventured somewhat into the idea of limited pallets and how the colors relate.  In a spectrum, more of a choice of finite colors among all possible in a color space I find also the effects of colors with colors and especially with the lack of neutral colors left or the grays that can subtly take on the sense of the adjacent colors by these transparent hidden effects.  The Chinese authors hope to develop this within a given picture as a case of colors on the level of colors.  I add that the question is useful in a general color space of normal vision to a given species or variations within a species as to what is the binary compliment of a color emotionally?  I see we can extend things beyond the three fold choices of a color as perhaps in a broken symmetry Fibonacci way the authors make do with five colors, three and two.  These are readily expanded into ten in the plane and so on...

To this end I used two of the pallets from their paper.  That which was decided as intellectual and that as romantic.  Fig. 1 is the intellectual result, in the vexillology of minimal art we use for our flag symbols.  In Fig.2 I make symbolic statements on the art for the upcoming musician LiLi whom I only briefly communicate on the social network as with other musicians- and in relation to the art of singer songwriting and of course my more technical interest and attempt to communicate to the physics community.

Lili seems to me to be very versatile as a model and convincing in the language or naturally one that can communicate expressions uniquely.  In the avatars with its minimal strokes I chose to reduce things that express something of the face, adjusting the lighting perhaps with hidden reasoning in the process a capture of expressions but these as much a project of motion as a slice of stillness that adds really to the range of our immersion into beauty.

To this I added from necessity two gray colors for contrast with effects of their own for in the ten fold diamond, reminiscent of the structure as if a slice of DNA she stands out as hidden in the light as well in the night. I put it in a thin frame as if to say this is not an endless lonely expanse of discourse.  But can we really analyze the depth of someone's feelings or mind or see truly the sign of their colors or read them as if to touch as well as see from our own veils of perspective? I try to rise here as with any local to universal literature to shared human conditions, but I cannot know even myself if such work is art or is great. I wish this drawing could be a little better even in its simplicity.

Does it sell? Does it evoke desire... yes desire emerges from the doubts and parts, day to day wonder, or innocence and what more is there in a world human to human in the wide here and now social atmosphere.  Obviously some actual connection of which is may be considered a tragedy or not that machines so far cannot replicate or share the world of flesh, of matter and time, beyond the illusions found in emotions.

On the other hand, I have some pride in my intuitions in the predicting if a song will make number one and that eventually the tastes of my fellows comes to agree with that. Otherwise how can we be said to be able to write a song?

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