Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunar Rune Unification Super-Partition

Lunar Rune Unification Super-Partition

L. Edgar Otto   13 November, 2012

This post started as informal play with thoughts on the nature of symmetry in our alphabets and calligraphy and developed rapidly into a color notation that despite the complexity made further generalizations easier to see when applied to standard and string influences on future physics and theory.
The catfish or cat-whisker runes as all alphabets that distinguish eventually a way to represent numbers- informally we intuitively desire a different symbolism for number systems or these as a return to the magic or hidden languages in different and all to open for decoding Tolkien like first layer of secrecy.

Thus it is quasi-formal in the sense that the specific notations in quasic blocks are suggestive of such hyper labeling as colors that shows where the symmetry of the patterns themselves need better balance, that it needs a balance in the first place.  It suggests further questioning in the magic like squares- that is in a partition the square elements vanish as a method presumably in that vectors vanish when surfaces merge as a principle- in particular the bicolor matrix of 15 cubes is to naturally be extended as having distinct forms of hidden symmetry combinations on the quadra-color and penta-color considerations over the quasized field.  This I feel a better way to search for the intelligible patterns and signs for the placement of cubes in more symmetric order for what in space one at first glace could regard it as non-linear combinatorial theory.

No previous theory needs be abandoned as these with such principles extend and explain the same systems further generalized.  The string theory, which seems to abandon or extend the standard theory, at last may reduce the physics to better understand on some level what is gravity as well the general idea of the Higgs field as having a place for mass. In this sense, as five foldness or ten dimensions are applicable after all (with possible further generalizations in the actuality of better definitions of dimensions) as if Einstein considered on a simpler theory the unified field as somehow involving a space of five dimensions.

I used the artistic spectrum, light and dark colors, beyond black and white as the fourth dimension I used the invisible ones of the quadra-color (or bi spectrum bicolors).  By the crescent shape we note the four distinct things at a time or the two and two distinct things but the idea of distinct in the combinatorial defined methods or process itself is a more general concept.

It is hoped that others may see how I see things and judge themselves the magic runes and what degree of lunacy these represent... I hope I have the keys explained and that others who grow tired when they reach the point in texts which they ask after reading new systems where it says there are things to consider in the discipline beyond the scope of this book- that they may benefit.  But the creative effort here takes time as well as the things discovered as if reality a given as we and I play in the mathematical recreations (I hope that of interest for its own sake for some readers) or perhaps refine our deep connections of theory as serious business.  Let not formality inhibit the wider truths we need to apply science sanely.

In relation to biological models if we imagine the string and particle landscape the genome informatio then this generalization begins the next level of an intelligible model as epi-genome.  Perhaps, epi-string and epi-particle physics would be useful holding terms.

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