Friday, November 23, 2012

Some Principles of the Firmament (Quasifinite Empires)

Some Principles of the Firmament (Quasifinite Empires)

L. Edgar Otto  Friday, 23 November, 2012

* Guarantee of reductionist "lines of force" into linearity of general spacetime "empires".

* Guarantee at a point of non-linear path choices.

* Existential facticity at unique established choices, "non-necessity"

* Recycling or potential vanishing of local choices, not necessarily.

* Guarantee of parallels, identity of similarities, and distinguishing them by methods such as labels.

* Conservation of reality and illusion where indistinguishable yet discernible to higher levels of a conscious creative entity.

* Coherence of sub-systems otherwise independent of all its micro-systems to maintain variations within an empire or organic system.

* The creative choosing or fall into intuitive projects grounding or caused by autonomous consciousness.

* Adaptability, coherence or decoherence, containment of issues of its multiplicity in totality and functions, and hierarchical limitation weight over a total empire state.

* The idea or illusion a conscious entity intelligibly bounded by natural law as a higher conserved entity may transcend natural law.

* That the universe itself beyond its depth or span and mirrors may transcend itself and its creative choices for natural laws.

* That consciousness may exist on higher qualitative orders, or more complex ones in a given level of measurement, dimensionless forces, or content of dreams.

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