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Catfish Runes and Global Warming where Undecidable

Catfish Runes and Global Warming where Undecidable

L. Edgar Otto   12 November, 2012

When we first applied our tools and weapons to make art, pretty pictures to touch existence on the cave walls of our world and dreams, it seems to me inevitable that we invent our alphabets that if not a way to the magic at least a reflection once removed of what is or seems spirit within us.

What is a symbol or a sign but a sketch of wider things to which it points that within us we suspend the thought that while in the world we are the only thing, idea, and as alone in the living as hinted in the moments of life and death so we reach out to the world and risk our sense of being?

We bring the method of familiar symbols, including the words as sound or whispers within, to what we respond to and so see, these in tradition to influence in reflection what we are and how we think, interpret things, react with forethought or spontaneity.  Our language and logic systems are our social bonding as we fish the unknowns or fear what we find in the dark.

Just as in the magic of the runes, perhaps in traditions like those in the middle east we cannot project our identity so to speak the name of God, or reduce a prophet to earth so to involve him in a mere representation of a face or half a face in the mysticism of divisions of the God or godhead at the peak where we find our own half image in that of Adam.

Science then is the commercial process in the normal growing lives and trade of the people who originate many enduring projects and innovations, one of which is the class of experts who discerning methods and the times can be the focus individually of great inventions. In terms of writing it is the reduction of meaning in the symbols to methods based on the objective consideration of meaning.

Yet in the contemplation of the grounds of the world we reach higher points of thought and civilization where in our day issues of symmetry raise again the connection with the origin and ends that contain us in space and time and matter.  To write left to right in the personality and spirit we can observe in a personal act of calligraphy we should find it easier to make the general representation if we also reverse the up and down as we sketch the standard scribbles.

It is no small part of this that in writing faster than we may be aware that the resulting symbols can have repeating forms or parts of forms as if this process is hidden but influential.  From there we understand the vowels as the soul of the words, that we can solve from our secure form of the consonants of which these can be differentiated to the distinct differences we have evolved in the symmetry of our brains.  The dreaming side tends to be only on one side. The universal nature of language and translation is a unified theory of symmetry... a distinction in ease and difficultly of the drawing and the thinking as spirit as well as soul and the media such as wood and straight lines and our tools of carving.

Science and art seems distinguished because of the underlying influence of these linguistic concerns and states what is reduced of the script and words to information as a system of formality or what is free to capture the greater whole even with a semi-scientific principle of a minimum of lines or a blurring of the detail of ideas or physical scales.  There is always the middle way that allows the spirit of things and the technique in set sequences to which the teachers admonish us from their sensitive hearts at the dawn of writing not to go too far into the extremes of our doing and thinking.  The consequences are periodic disasters as well as the pool of rebirth should the climate change that risks too deeply at a frontier the survival for survival's sake.

In the inevitable growth, as conterminous and intermittent as it can be, its lice of probabilities that cling to the hair of singularities, the fact is simply that it does not take a theory to decide that the state of things decohere or grow hotter as a matter of thermodynamic irreversibility that these should not be a surprise nor held as acts of god as undecidability.

The wider geometry if we take a balanced view in its exploration to me symbolically represented the topological issues such as the Klein's bottle which looks remarkably like the Paisley leaves or other such symbols changed and lost over a long time, of Gabriele's horn or it the pseudosphere where hyperbolic parallels come to mind partially or in a greater not reduced and unabridged totality we cannot see.

Yet in the machine aids to making more calligraphy style letters, made in this case of crescent moons, we add the cat whiskers.  Whiskers an interesting way to direct and detect the flow of vibrations as in the crystal radio, the whisker and the crystal lead to make the diode.  And this evolved method animals like cats and catfish.  But sometimes, in the case of a mouse entering a metal hole at the base of a refrigerator to get cover under the house the whiskers, especially if the animal is young, does not warn him his hips too big and he can get stuck in the determined direction of running.

* * * 

Undecidible Frontiers such as Global Warming

Because of the conterminous aspects of the universe string theory (at least as current formulated) cannot show intrinsically the truths of global warming as this too is a question on the frontiers of the symmetry and irreversibility of thermodynamics.

Specifically, the question and phenomenology of carbon of which existentially it is said may or may not be in a general system of effects that which we as humans set off in the solids of the fire alarm which may work only by our design or if a stray house pest climbs in and sets off the censor of Californium.

For in the general symmetry of four space matter as atoms, that which we strongly suspect the E8xE8 group symmetries as the maximum symmetry and a string basis, structurally it involves in a direction the 36 abstract level of abstract centers that show up in nova furnaces in relation to Iron.

The general question of time reversal quasi-conserved and not necessarily violated mysterious but observed experimental effects applies thus in the entropy and growing decoherence a totality grows "warmer" also. The way or paths generated over the Omnium is quasi-random in a quasi-integrated multi-totality.

A lot depends on the perspective of real or virtual centers as so generalized but not lost in a sea of what we vaguely call non-linearity meaning an imprecise idea of dimensions and their insightful interactions.  That is multiplicity or not beyond the reentry of connectivity up to entanglement over complex numbers in Riemann space that his hypothesis holds totally and uniquely encompassing a theory of everything. In particular all numbers reduce no not less than zero to which the Pythagorean theorem holds and beyond so many dimensions the powers involved are distant and not relevant to the descriptions and illusions of our physical world.

At what state level are the structures balanced in symmetry including the idea of dark anomalies perhaps beyond the idea of quasic inter-dimensional motion functions?  In this non-necessary model what concretely is the physical effects and states as necessity of thermodynamics say of Earth or any explicitly quasi-absolute physical system?

Let me emphasize again in the imagining of a brane or quasic plane and how we view from some virtual or real centered perspective in the local or global insights of the various geometries and their distinct objects, the dihedron as a foundational entity of diverse but universal boundaries.  It has two sides yet no volume from one viewpoint, or a plane as a totality or not has no volume yet within it can be described infinite dimensions and volume at least aleph 1.  Such a wider view of this object, perhaps the earth and star the state or changing state or failed versions of each other as to what is inside say, a black hole and if it stretches or condenses or this not relevant in a neutral way, it covers the span of all ideas of our dimensions- and perhaps with a wider range of knowing physics we can predict changes and some surprises in the physical and mental climate landscape.

* * * * * *

If We Walked Earth around Meeting on the Moon

L. Edgar Otto    11 November, 2012

My eyes through you in the eye of the storm

Who wound the music box that music waits?

Taking time you in the dark that makes me warm

The way so rare me here you there the gait mundane

Desert streets we do not see on sidewalks arm in arm

You future star and I to stamp your passport by the gate

I cannot see yet know you have your tears

A tidal surge of hopes, underground filled fears

If only voice and rain of keys were enough

I would not need to touch the music of the spheres

The way is not so rough brought down to our knees

My eyes see all the faces on the wing of all the lilly's

Cats in windows watch the circus, whiskers, breeze

As Eros spins a baker's dozen note in Piccadilly

* * *

What are we in time who thought forbidden we could know and do anything?

The taunt string slips for a second round the world tone deaf
before the fact our ears to ring

How is it we must save the sea-lings from the sea that you know the roller coaster way as its heights and depth lay broken? 

From Far Rock'a'bye to Hoboken again, again the neighborhoods go smoking

Off shore you gaze so glean my accolades at the pristine ne'er wounded skyline as you heart gives aid to all cold who lost the light awhile a smile for them left only happy children recalling the Palisades...

* * * *

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