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Creative Physics of the Omnium and The Philosophy of Energy

Creative Physics of the Omnium and The Philosophy of Energy

L. Edgar Otto  18 November, 2012

My last post reflects I was a little under the weather, so I meant to add the main point on the fly (can we really write lyrics in real time and free associations in that area of our brains that compose improvised jazz and rap as reported with brain scans in the science magazines?)

The deeper concept of one or two sides that are also the foundations of physics related to the dihedral brane when applied to the biological encoding, that real interpretation and result of various reductions to Casmir phenomena, amounts to an error correction code with more general possibilities as if a transcendence into new potential and an explanation for the very idea of observed mutations or the ability of an individual organism to maintain its integrity in the face of issues of immunity.

But in that this hints of a more unified or total theory of everything, something obvious in the processes of nature and higher functions over what we know in our mathematical formalism as we advance in comprehension, evolve, gains in its reductions to simplicity great struggle with the complication of enumeration even with the designation or the distinguishing of or labeling of elements in graphs, in particular the reach to infinity of trees or the transfer structures along the line of feathers and double explosions.

As to the spiral idea or warp idea of energy transfer, as that of evolving atoms from Neutronium as the authors presented as the "nature code" where hidden forces, inversions and compliments so loved by the mathematical theorist can be bedeviled by the idea of looping (even in the what I call teleoscoping as a more dynamic result of existent information that tries to classify the musical themes) or as a general method where the combinatorial equations give us the reductionist methods of simplicity we try to imagine meaning not independent of the structures of time and space as if these by recursion perturbation and thus simplified laws.

We do innately have a sense of the elegant as well as beauty in areas of reasoning like the nature and value of proofs.

In the triviality of some matrices made of zeroes and ones where the shifting of the elements of no preferred or privileged labels or general characterization as Rowlands maintains while probing the foundation nature is not characterized- this the nonnecessity of things for me is given further support by great thinkers independently albeit a return to principles of a philosophic or metaphysical nature.

But space itself, its dimensions as if the discs or spheres as core models itself is a grounds for understand energy transfer as well the source of it if we make things more explicit and there is a unified model of universe generalization.

The moving of elements in a matrix, combinotorics and diagonalization and so on casual or causal may amount to a meaningless rearranging of the most trivial puzzle production that does not escape the process within some limited universe of discourse.  To this the higher view can be intuitively maintained that it is the central view.

In particular across the apparent double plane of the dihedron the patterns if seen on the two dimensional level and labeled as zeroes or one for that which is possible or impossible or exists or not, as in the five fold case of what is rigid or concrete spin upon the surface of a icoshedral polyhedra and the polytope shadows we see the density of the 60 pentagrams on one hand and the 60 pentagons on the other- but across the dihedron the zeroes and ones can be interchanged as if the same pattern in this case the rows and columns can be considers symmetry breaking into three and two of each wildcard entity which at least equals both as if a nonnecessary unity.  This is the heart of mutation where on the base level or within and outside the DNA the general space and higher functions as source are expressed and explained- but it involves a more interactive definition of our term dimensions.

In a sense we compose the lesser dimensional solids as shadows but not rigidly composed of its lesser polytope subcells nor as necessarily of some genus or even as the reference idea of a center (singularity) or not as an Euclidean eutactic star.  We can imagine then circuits of unfolding such solids into the surfaces but we should keep in mind the wider effects of such folding or unfolding across this more general property of foundational or firmamental space.  A matrix in short does not contain only that which is physical if used as the method to describe quantum theory.

Quasic abstract motions to duplication, duality, and beyond have this lesser generalization on some path dimensional levels where nature debates the operations of addition and multiplication logically as a unified system and strives to resolve the rather complex sets of algebraic descriptions that we can within a certain range distinguish on some level the neuron-net like principles of connectionism as a view so as to again imagine some higher basis for our observed consciousness- in the development of these partially dihedral sequences of resolution in real time so grounded I can look back at my own development and my own spiraling of my recursions, transcendence, and hopeless default but material grounding into telescoping loops so when I do learn the significance and depths in more formal reading and learning I can evaluate and recapitulate moments of lax or significant decisions as well imagine if not implement a wider future.  

I say this because I see this struggle of thought so much in my fellow theorist-speculators or in any text free to do so that asserts or cleans up a presentation yet has not made a wide a leap as they imagine before the fact of experience others have made they cannot see.  We should be more self aware where our intuition and intellect meet with our emotional stance and perspective should we be truly researches and scholars or try to undertake half blind new science projects or social systems as we are generally creative beings.

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