Saturday, November 10, 2012

Intuitive Genius Discriminate and Permanent

L. Edgar Otto  November 10, 2012

The Lockean model of enquiry as a balance of intellectual powers and opportunity  a quasifinite measure in the context while, our being in the world; the liberty which we find expressed or observe in objective unbiased scientific research and evaluation and the containment we impose on methods of interpretation and applications of data; that we are not caged in our systems of algebra that ground our development in instinct and tradition nor have no certain ground in our wild dreams of too wide our flights in the direction of our speculative intuitions; the shear fact of encoding by neutral space and time as position will lead out and indoctrinate our modes of learning to which the measure of genius, as the measure of survival and growth in the quasifinite universe, is the checks and balance, the weights in the sanity of our conserved intellect and liberal expectations far from the truths we know better in the solution of things in the extremes by our intuition.

When does the gain of wheat over the chaff fall out in the turbulent and indifferent wind of both our relaxed recreational approach and our sure scaffolding of formality?

I am as much amazed by what of our body of learning, the information and misinformation, I have picked up from conversation with my fellows in real life and on line as I am what of a stray pattern of something as simple as the lay of points or even tea leaves evokes in me the symbols of physics and mathematics to which it is often easier to see and even ground the depths than to be in the patterns to which at the foundation of being these, like light in a vacuum without its distrubed interita or reflections is invisible in an absloute sense.

I admire those who tend to speak fluently the formalities of algebra, more those who speak it related to matrix forms so as to apply the theories to other branches of mathematics deep connections to the more emphasized geometry of things.  But the methods are not that different if not exactly the same, all has a certain permamence somewhere of logic.  Both directions can blind us to wider generalizations if we emphasize too much one or the the other of idea or concepts in context.  Both can make beautiful systems as far as they go.  Where one thing is simple it can be very complicated to prove although obviously necessary if we can encompass it all as sufficient.  But sometimes this simplicity is a complexity in the other system, and one soul's recreation can be another soul's burden of labour and frustrating addiction.

In our great houses of theory and fine record of names by he who sets a new path or branch of things so obscure that only among those along the path are they household names to which of those names all often left if a term or documentation- language itself is own freedom and formalities  the limited range of a few letters confusing as having to be learned in new symbols or used repeatedly in the context of specialized systems as if once learned the partial over general language is the thing learned and not the new method of what it talks about as if the learning not only has to recreate the range of human knowledge but be fluent in the best or worst of his program of language to which it is rare there is benefit given in the historical context of the actual lives, something seemingly outside of their intellectual enquires, that gives rise to useful and new ideas.  Academic enquiry at the heart of its research cannot really claim the priority of discovery or ownership for new thoughts or be denied trade secrets that hold progress back should we want to further explore our position or purposes in the world.

My last few posts and what I have read here and there from my fellow chatters and bloggers, been inspired by the pictures of the day on the astronomy sight, the few items in the science magazines or some stay text in a rummage sale or a popularization or university television presentation or even the awakening of my own songs that warm me whistling in the dark or walking in the cold not knowing when my own art could do the job, and the surprise or amazement when anonymous down the quad in a campus one morning the blond, pony tail swinging is singing the lyrics of my song.

The formal presentation encountered that does sort out the terms people use, some rather common ones, strikes me today as a showing off of what was learned experts as they are and yes with pride of the climb to such wisdom, better yet the helping hand or uplifting on shoulders along the steep steps we have to intuitively feel to stand on, our teachers worthy of the name and not biased to any soul. Yet what I see not lost in the perspective of translation seems to me unoriginal and trivial, certainly not convincing that such physics and mathematics is a totality, theory of everything or that in the end it is useful - for it cannot be faith in the healer that is important as reputation but the faith in the science of the healing itself or perhaps in the true healers if they exist.  Simply, in anyone who in the study of such things, such logic and symbol systems, asking the whys if not the expediency of the hows and how we so ask that baiting question, we should ask can they while they learn to apply, foresee such generalizations of systems beyond that given now formally, can they intuitively see beyond the complexity and simplicity of these systems or do they chase such infinities hopelessly and futility in their intellect of reasoning's?

I stand by my few cautions or objections to the use of the incident matrices and the partition theories I posted this week, not to undermine their beauty but to awaken the faith perhaps and equally a criticism of what is certain or imagined in enquiry not to beat the truth as I see it into them nor so imprison myself in iron vectors of some ideas - I refrain from looking down at such faith that goes nowhere in real difference and change on some aggressor people in the game who cannot see their assertions only a matter of faith to which the alternatives are invisible in the intuitive proof theirs is an isolated and disconnected system free even from the boundaries that facing the immensity of the scales of the universe and not surviving or being equal to it evokes what we name these days as depression or more than that the descent to anxiety.

If Cantor has given us a mathematical heaven of which in the abstract there is no return it also should be realized that in the quasi-finite thus material world we find such a new heaven also- but I do not know this is closer or a final truth any more than I really can know if it is new.  If the being of this world is some totality fixed or ever new as we  become more at home in our awakening to what we have made overly complicated or at our peril not taken steps in the apparently obvious to open the oysters for the pearls, science and irritation, each of us erecting a theory from our perspective in the general plane as if a point the center of the universe ignoring deeper connections of which these cannot be said confused and hidden in the workings of this world.  Such contemplation's of gods and idols, light and demons, innate the receptivity to poetic metaphor where it awakens or have returned from the ashes of struggle, is not our isolation into a speck of nothingness nor an oscillation of dual mind to which we can dismiss it as building influences of the hidden symmetries we label as subconscious.

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