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Spirographic Immutation

Spirographic Immutation

L. Edgar Otto   20 November, 2012

I now present a quasi-hypothesis, interpretation, or long time fact in foregone conclusion intelligible and integrated in the organic system in the interval of the spacious present we vaguely call the creative entity of PeSla, yours truly and in a sense yours too.  My first notes are tightly and carefully woven so I add as preamble this observation of a new stance to what has been my continual lifelong project of contemplation the cosmos. 

My symbolic language is not used sparingly in the notes as shorthand but beyond the symbols there is the usual question and awakening to it of the reality of the picture.  But there is no guarantee even in the abstract level of meaning that my view as an individual will be understood or recognized for as with living things these outside of a range of being may be or become to some degree non-existent even to the point of our shared integrity or unity of reality where the material forms are transferred through the foundations of the natural immutation of stems and germs, our replications as instances of physical reality.

I see also the news of yesterday which discovers the genome is a multiplicity as illustrated by skin samples within one individual so we have a further level of complexity to the DNA and its dogma as if the heart of organic chemistry.  It is based on the abstract idea of supercolor and much of what as become our structure of more modern physics such as string theory.  Yet the clues were there if we ask in a set of cells why given so many there are not more mutations as in free cells and that realized as a frontier mystery. 

How amazing this encounter with synchronicity as if the two articles parallel my concerns and appear like violets or four leaf clovers at the same time in a given era with the eerie and questionably stable feeling that we as subjective entities create totally yet independently from each other the universe we inhabit- that or in some sense we are puppets of something greater or aware enough that we foresee things- or simply that we have the power if not explanation of what is consciousness.  Eventually after many recurrences of this observation I take it a little more seriously and am a little more gentle with those who create their worlds wishfully or are stable as beings and unique ones as that part of our instincts of surviving.

The Notes:

*1.   3 I i II ii III 5 (codon dihedral bases)

   In the chain code gene compass between dihedral bases read cyclically under symmetry breaking both ways there are many isomorphic genomes (in the mechanics of it ) just as in the quasic theory the integration and integrity of an organism may have viable potential alternative  forms in the totality which I style as "immutation" (term from 1995) over the quasifinite (thus Omnic) symmetry breaking arithmetic.

The mechanical patterns thus wider may occasionally shift to other generations or return where these supercolors teleoscope (return to a given state as if a general error correction code in effect or compete with the integrity irreversibly, for example cancer) in nonnecessary integration and differentiation over local, Euclidean and mirror-shadow fields in a unified or uniform theory.

*2.  From the quasifinite views the continuous field may shift supercolor ratios as if a gravity concept influence.  Substances (chemicals, atoms) organically exchanged have a spiral (neutronium idea here) effect on organisms in an intelligible process fixed or by chance as does light as quantized frequency over a given non-necessary (thus some necessity not forbidden the case) scale.

*3  The mirror or shadow aspects of the immutation field code may act as if a subjective line (philosophic or logical touch and sight stereonometry) that directly or indirectly influences existentially and universally the omnic stereonometry and complimentary code reading structures.

From the viewpoint of an organism, its question of uniqueness, a self as centered singularity, that "coincidence" informational or meaningful is a moot point in the omnic unity and how we feel or engage it. Perhaps it may be or seem that individuals create a totality or changes it, quasifinitely intermittently or absolutely, or responds spacetime-wise in paradox.  An organic being beginning with the limitation of creative solipsism is nothing lost in the masses and the whole yet intimate with general being, reality, the Omnium.  From there we may rationally confirm or understand why we affirm possible higher things. 

We can organize systems collectively including the hidden colors that may not necessarily intelligibly exist between the triple codons read in binary numbers or other ideas of group algebra applied methodology- surely this hypothesis is worth understanding and testing as how it relates to cures, and socially how it may or may not ground ethics in this global time of actual and all to real state of wars.

* * * * * * *

Footnote Next Morning  
The Sea of Creative Object Singularities : 

Pure physics where we are equal to that abstract Platonic understanding while generalizing our expansion through natural doubts will still be the found in the grounding of creative objects or dark matter-space.  In this all too transcending of vision or conception ( and of the same dimensionless scale as also a subjective phenomenon ) the simplicity and purity of the Higgs field concept while we may feel our scope of physics overly closed or as that unsolvable independent from sources and beginnings, the Higgs idea as unsatisfying in its purity and perfection haunting us as it seems the case in nature, will be seen in retrospect as only the start of new physics exploration.

Time as a grounding for money is also a paradox and the ground of resistance for those remaining isolated or marginalized from paths most likely in the current mainstream. Technically, as if to simplify it to suggest a picture without deeper explanation to future scientists in our early education grades we have a generalization here of dimensionless vector spaces between creative objects, the less than the totality, the omnium, phoenix physics that can simplify again to physics as a primary viewpoint over the mathematical descriptions that even with hierarchies do not adequately do the job that present physics maintains as its privileged systems but only with hopes in future freedom as an ideal or a faith perhaps as dogma.

Words act to transcend the letters, sound shifts and units of meaning (pheneme) in this immutative fashion unto several levels.  This diffuse nonquasic similarity space is one of a possible stance as dark link dynamics, mirror counter-source of directionality where the three physics divide the world together in their realms of generalization between each to the other applied views.  The idea of a constant in the usual sense of differentiation as integration for the cosmic aspects of the Casmir force (thus inverse 4th power forces via the quaternity and viriality of the three interacting supercolor physics ) shows on deeper analysis constants as such are a spacious abstract value, volume or energy as a varying abstract thing while fixed also in a foundational way (thus motion and rest abstractly and including the extremes a fundamental theory.)

In some respects this is like trying to multiply with the method of notation of Roman numerals while in the non degenerate parallel sub universes the one or zero and zero as if the Mayan base is a beginning in a given counting.

Fictitious overt forces as dogma in science or sociology in the debatable nature of what Being may be as we grope with our evolving enlightenment and try to measure our ignorance can stand around us as that which dominates what we are taught and held back blindly as the physical reality.

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