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Quasifinite Articulation Space Structures and Penni Knot Braiding Minimum Quantization

Quasifinite Articulation Space Structures and Penni Knot Braiding Minimum Quantization

L. Edgar Otto   25 November, 2012

Note: this is also a question of how we see such systems as non-linear and if they can be played indefinitely without the loss of the player (that is the NP hard statement of the issues as applies to say molecular systems)  A purely finite physics where we reduce things to point like geometric patterns may not strictly distinguish the outside and inside of a region.  Nor the idea what in two space may necessarily return to its origin (drunkards walk) or absolutely in three space that it does not necessarily do so.  This quasi-finite view as a sort of compromise should be considered seriously with useful ideas in the arrangement on the small scales of our new developments in the nanotechnology or for the real conditions of three and four dimensional printing.

The dogmatic choice between physics systems as analogical or anomalies taken to the extreme to a continuous or finite reduction may globally eliminate one of the alternative choices.  That said, that in the example of the Higgs and its mechanism after better definition of its wave or particle aspects unto one or the other or both view conjugate where the Infinite groups in principle meet the finite groups uniquely and intelligibly, seems to suggest a complete reduction save the question of an excess of diphotons.  But in a continuous system pushed to limits is there not some residual continuity?  It remains to be seen if this wisp of an anomaly is the very last and reduced evidence of supersymmetry.  How in the foundations can such an entity be act to impart of mass if it cannot extend in principle beyond a point vanishing?

Perhaps the apparent existence of the Higgs is the discovery of the quason idea of general particles for what can be seen in real and physical space may not necessarily be seen in the influence of hidden symmetry directly.  In the Omnium or quasifinite considerations over a quasic field we have to realize the still unknown phenomenon of anti-matter and matter differences not explained by string or standard theory somehow would make such a grandiose role for a particle carry the idea of an innate asymmetry in the universe either at the grounding level or when the levels of phenomena reach some threshold of complexity in the quasi-degenerate coherence over the structural degrees of freedom of parts.

If we were to design an artificial model and do what is a good recreational pursuit for some people in the puzzle world and a good test of others interested in computer programming these systems we would find many questions remaining from organic chemistry some of which are simply explained including the limitations and variations even if we knew nothing deeper of the role of genomes.  Why do the flagellates move?  Why of the 256 chiral states of cholesterol is one only recognized in our bodies?  Between finite entities or the Odoes there are the 4 or 8 bonds that are analogs to another great mystery along with magic shell numbers of how magnetism works in the spinning electrons as to their number of a given spin on a subshell.

As with what is the directionality, a quasi-causation from a chain of structures this innate asymmetry on a higher level, super-asymmetry so to speak, is what we view in the growing of mass of nearly identical parts over the potential structure of an atom and the nucleus.

These intermediate levels of articulation odoe-wise sheds light on the  issues of multi-gene interaction and immutation as well as a relaxed structural information conserving error code for the recreation of molecular systems as deletion errors.  There is evidence lately of this quasi-freedom of material arrangements important for good health on the RNA level not just linearly degenerate from a genome code, for example critical times for mental development or the influence of external drugs or toxins that may lead to things like autism.  Cancer itself can be a program that reverses the coherence of a system in its choices so while it is an isolated system it tends to decohere the system from which is spawned in the quasi-freedom where its role becomes structurally conserved or persistent.

A question I asked myself after realizing there can be lines of force distinct in a field of force what more foundationally and generally is the ground for such structures? Are these recursive or not beyond the non-necessary assumption of physics systems on the scale of the familiar world as to having an extreme grounding as zero, like in zero volume strings or in the vague ideas of unknowns over the infinite?

Is the quantum idea of a difference of energies at some level of complexity of mirrored organic molecules of the same or a more general idea of the role of innate asymmetry or the overall idea of what happens given choices upon the reversal of states of things?

In the first odoe I drew in my notes, and these can go through all the rotations, reflections and so on can be aligned orthogonally by the usual concepts of modern mathematical physics, suggested to me in the count of things that over the pentomino were not external places of bonding as if a higher idea of charge but not point-like or diffuse for these can meet by chance to make structures and these can not do so if they occupy the same space or these can show the effect of a wider orientation where they can be two places, more rarely so, at the same time; that I found the 9 + 16 = 25 unit cube elements as if a pictorial proof of the persistent grounding and Euclidean reference of the Pythagorean theorem, but diffusely.

I add the P & Q refers to an actual set of these pentominoes that articulated can morph into others of the three or four space set of them (or the 12 flat ones of a plane some of which cannot be made into space fillers).  Others may be morphed more from the hinging of planes between them but lest us get our P's & Q's together and for those interested to write the principles formally or some of you to discover new ideas intuitively in our games as mathematical recreation with our methods of enumeration and possibilities explored.
Although it is a worthy approach, to reduce things to balls and helices will not give us the subtle of protein conformality as well with other approaches if we do not have a wider view.

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