Friday, November 23, 2012

Idyll Shores and Sandy Wild-

Idyll Shores and Sandy Wild

L. Edgar Otto   21 November, 2012

As I gazed on Isles the shores Sandy wild
     Big Apple dream, American pie
My washed out feathers full of sea-foam candy  
     I will build anew Far Rock'a'Bye
Not that I've been here before as seasons spin
     but that I'll have to leave her again
As all who try to mend another's broken wing
     even while they're losing everything

A bitter pill the swallow has to swallow memories
     washed down underground, gaping gullet landfills
Recycled gold made into ash, returned to pulp the paper
     crumpled cars, a rice of trees and telephone wires
Riding out a storm, window image lower than the highrise
      as night returns without moonlight and guiding stars
The roller coaster ride the way from nature wrangled,
      worked, lost every which way the up & down so tangled

Flee South, fly North, nest, risk the wind, home, rest again

Light leaving cheer of warmth defies the snowbound glow
      mercifully short the lonely trial, lifeblood of oil, last taper
Ducks in rows, round rivers with lucky numbers, raffles,
     riffles winning the Kewpie doll if I could preen my crude
Rich feathers that I can breathe & float again
     as if forever the hopeful child memories not forgotten
Like the sticky price that clings to everything in airy
     pinks and blues though made of cotton candy.

* * * * * *

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