Friday, November 23, 2012

Sandy What were We Thinking Your Ivory Keys, My Breaking Strings

Sandy What were We Thinking
Your Ivory Keys, My Breaking Strings

L. Edgar Otto   Thursday, 22 November, 2012

Sandy I wonder what you're thinking as I knocked on many doors

You cannot believe they will not open,  yours wide while the fickled crowd adores

I can bring carolls only through their windows, their eyes glazed, stained through glass

Yours echo across their beating chambers within their shells painful egg teething breaking through, awake alas

Forsooth and Zounds, oaths no gods will hear, yet no curses can be cast, by Zeus

Living songs lost in the wind and songs now past as you write each ecstatic moment what will last

In the shadow drench of the dream ships your voice sleeps on the park bench would that it fill my soul more your lips

Some other timeless time that slips bass to falsetto
your joy to mime as dance and tune returns to sign

Its not the wind that pushes us into the gusting game but that you open up our souls more precious than the fame

So I distant knight in rusty armour fight for you at joust
Knave waiting while the peace come Sunday, no Faust

Romance we trubadors teach the myth they crave and what better can your Sancho do twix cradle and the gave

But it helps to be in love for me to write a love song if you permit it, new vows and flowers,  so do not take it wrong.

* * * * * * *

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