Friday, November 2, 2012

Virtual Flirtation at a Distance

Virtual Flirtation at a Distance     

L. Edgar Otto    02 November, 2012

Love somewhere between sunrise and sunsets or eerie in the whimsy of the phases night and day the moon, there at ends and beginnings we fall in love too easily so hopelessly romantic...

Love passing through us or missing the point the same description between us or one way only to the other all at once the day as many as the flowers, stars and butterflies and wake or swath their shadows

Love cannot contain the quantum cat though we are and build its cradle...

In our mind's eye she
 loves me and/or loves
me not entangled
  vectors between us
    with endless colors
beyond space time not
    one flower but a field
of Lilly's, butterfly beat
   breeze hint, start.

This world an engine of the heart
Love more than
   I but captured by
her voice and art...

* * * * *

A Note for Aspiring Artists as Waters Rise come Chelsea Mornings:

I hear that in this digital age, as the artist that tells a story not unlike photos in the past and uses in this age of art as editing he says images once removed from the Google street view maps... I have never felt I was a poet, song writer, musician beyond the raw and simple first beginnings of that art- how wonderful between our brain the keyboard and the strings, the soul of words in the vowels seen through the mundane consonants, that the wide potential bonds
tended with effort and gloriously free between us all -
I cannot distinguish what is wisdom on blank canvass as I too feel the ecstacy of melody and our creations as if a gift to others nor accept the strict relentless cage of time, but is this beauty art? Maybe so if we cannot see the difference.

The two elements that Bly and Ferlinghetti say all poetry is about, the tragic loss of love and cosmology but life feels more than that if we are lucky enough to hear and see - an end to our tragic loss of love in its modesty and lonesome vague diffuse hope as well as
our dreams beyond cosmology...

This picture inspired by her humble modesty and blush more than her beauty- may she not change too much in the eye of life's storms and chances and in the grue of green and blue may what we rise to build not fall if it ever topples over...

* * * * *

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