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Return to Paradox on Consciousness

Return to Paradox on Consciousness

L. Edgar Otto   01 November, 2012

It seems clear at first glance that the link between material or mechanical systems and those we hold as hidden in the patterns as distinctly subjective as a theoretical and mathematical basis as well the obvious example that the brain itself in its scope and density achieves physics on this deeper level.

This gives the impression initially upon realization of the principle the ongoing paradox raised by consciousness in relation to physical mechanisms.  At that place we can feel totally defined by such a physical and materially grounded physics by which we interpret what we are within the same level of philosophic view. In particular we discover the scope and limitations of ourselves individually and collectively as machines, and he same mechanisms in a finer technology between more organic and physical structures imply that these higher analogs can suggest intelligent machines after all can be made and these be self-aware like we in relation to ourselves and each other may be.

On extreme reaction other than our sense of explanation as to what are the values and purpose of life is to imagine, especially in the violation of the quantum principle to the deeper state of what underlies the process of time reversal is that on all scales, concrete and virtual, all things are alive and endowed primarily with the "spirit" of life but no further.

At this paradox and frontier of contemplation, that of the more comprehensive generalization of philosophy and physics if there is such a thing and it accessible, we again sense the paradox as still a higher possibility beyond what we may do as higher computational machines as well the insistence in this higher space and time structure a form of spirit in the change of states is in a sense absolute and invariant, corpuscular rather than field or wave, we have styled the idea of soul.

Enlightenment in my experience has been the passing to more intricate levels of awakening with the challenge of core feelings about these moments or cusps of the age old paradox of such duality.  But the nature of paradox is the idea that these may be resolved, as with all creative singularities.  If in the imbalances, the sense of vibrations that do not necessarily work over a boundary or a dimension as to what is the neutral or empty state or scale, I as a scientist while asking forgiveness for my lapse in reductionism before such a mirror individually and collectively must beg pardon also for lapses in materialism.
In the traditional double view, tenable beyond the scope of proofs by being as tautology or by contradiction we as living things in our hopeful leaps of intermittent effects and progress are the mediators over and through the more generalized physics of this world.

If, as it now is hinted at as possible, from a virtual effect we can guide the lesser effects of the new or phoenix physics whole new philosophy's of being allows us to see our thoughts and dreams by technological methods, to predict and modify them directly and indirectly; to ground again in our conception of the state what individual is truly the embodiment of the higher spirits as if touched by them as a messenger or half in that realm at the face of the unknown, once explained conscious individual above and guiding the rest and with the just right as one of the gods yet paradoxically to which what in this world may seem equal justice and opportunity to pass through lifespan securely and at one with the living as its purpose, to doubt this is to in effect reduce life potentially within us all to a state of being and believing in ourselves something even less than the lesser animals.

The nature of humanity as such a focused controlled or of a less coherent democracy as state as to what is the best of perhaps imperfect systems is quite beside the point of the nature of the political realm; it truly benevolent or evil as it too a paradox of which the truth may exist on either side. But the awakening to a higher state of understanding can so view and weigh the higher truths hidden in the earlier dreams if we are honest and careful in evaluations.

While it is said in the dialog with machines to decide if one is intelligent, that if we cannot tell the difference it in effect may as well be said so to be- and that from the view of science. from the view of philosophy considering the new or neoteric physics of our day the very powerful thought experiment as speculation on the Chinese box, the interpretation of language and symbols at the surface, becomes itself a higher concern in the new philosophy and geometric patterns of the world.  For this is so grounded at least mathematically in a physics that asks of the reality of other worlds, other minds.

Asks while we are guests as spirits in the world with endless divisions and similarities of the fixity as if soul as life on any level while the living on the time mutating and non necessary directions empty or active as mediators at the paradoxes of such theoretical frontiers.  Can new physics so arise in the thin atmosphere by such transcendent encountering at a distance of distance and distar such higher dialog between our thinking with nowhere to stop expansion yet within our closed boundaries with no thinking possible "outside the box" as the idiom meme-like today so goes?

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