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A Brief Look at Superconductive Issues

A Brief Look at Superconductive Issues

In a comment now placed on one of Ulla's earlier posts- I place here so it is not lost in the flow of things, and mine is perhaps a superficial familiarization with the issue- I ask in the background a little deeper about these very geometrical stuctures of a lattice such as the truncated octahedron (Lord Kelvin's solid and nearly a space filler- at some point, where in metals (that is the area between the ceramics and the plastics as material) electrons may flow (unpaired)in the lattice.

It is strange to go back to holidays to see what I was doing a year ago and how long there have been some exchanges here with everyone. What was I doing someone asked me today last New Years... or my how my Memorial Day traditional rant has grown. It just does not seem it has been a year unless we look at things day to day...



Josephsons junctions is a very neat idea of which I just read up on. Not sure it applies to our long dialog of comments here either.

But as some scale level the DC becomes AC at some cooling.

Surely this has some sort of biological application to our mental perceptions- that is if we think about such tunneling and resistances with cooler heads.

Some strange things happen with such force like entities, mathematical things where we wonder if the zero point is a filled vacuum.

Tension and Compression tends to reverse at some ground state. While this may be true in the usual quantum sense, say TGD applied to biology in a quantum manner, my problem with the idea of a zero point- a relative scale and a moving scale at that- at least to one Planck level- is that there is no consideration given to a Null-Point description of the energies involved.

If gravity, in hopefully what we mean as "dark" can change from attraction to repulsive as a force on the large scale- at least in the middle or life scale there is a level where this happens too- and on the micro scale it must be in some sense a deeper property of our still vague notions of the mathematics involved.

At this point we again have to consider the thermodynamic symmetries of whatever nature as a general issue to be solved before we can solve other things clearly.

In a general sense these are issues of density of some sort various bloggers here have recently discussed.

Thank you for the effort help keeping peace with the sensitive theoreticians around us :-)

The PeSla

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