Friday, June 17, 2011

Social Gravity II (Profiles in State)

Social Gravity II (Profiles in State)

I have awakened to the realization that the world, its current events and social political situation, is not necessarily a good place. It has impeded so many of us for whatever expediency. We are a collective of throw away, no deposit, no return, and no reuse individuals to which the state more and more thinks we are nothing without it- and that more and more arms itself against its own people as it accrues more power. These are questions of Liberty to which it may be too late for many peoples and nations of the world to benefit from that path of humanity in fair balance and equal opportunity, and a sense of individual work or family as the foundation that endures and protects what we universally feel a higher way of life.

But let me rant specifically. So many of our freedoms are lost- still, we were not educated to them and it is assumed that is our responsibility, let us sleep, let us indulge in cheap beer or drugs or entertainment. Let us feel good fighting the bull rather the process attracts us instead of the bull itself, virtual sacrifice to the lions and our soldiers in the news, our national pastime of games and looting, stabbings, and destruction when such soccer wars are taken too seriously. To the victor and to work we find freedom- so it is said, and redemption.

It is outrageous that the airlines whom were bailed out by the state (tax papers) should take out profits nickle and dime-ing the people. Sure they apologized for the soldiers returning (for this you fight soldiers? to be second class citizens?) But why not let them fall under in the tensions of the marketplace or let the state require of them an interlude where they make no profit but that it goes back to the people or the state.

After charging fees for carry on baggage they not only lose the bags but after 90 days say it can be sold. Expensive jewelry with sentimental value, or the cameras where private photos are erased. This to me can be a crime against property and intellectual property. It should be a crime to sell it. In any case perhaps there is some reason for it, the amount of weight and so on, heck even the tax on overweight people who take up two seats and consume our subsidized corn sugar. Where can I buy that soldiers bag with all those high tech weapons and other survival tools he needed for the land war in Asia?

So, the richer the overseers of the state, the embezzlers and extortionists who can afford the fine creative accounting by the rule of law, with an attitude to those who worked and saved life-long. Let the Buyer Beware as well as Losers Weepers! They foreclose and do not care what the result is then sell the houses with defects that ruin the buyers. Any bank, so bailed out- perhaps the exception to this policy of long standing to keep down the poor- foreclose and auction the banks and bankers!

So, one has to rent, sure a crime against socialism and all that, but it is rare now and with the baking of courts that a landlord returns the security deposit here. Not to mention they make you pay for a credit check. Since when is there in effect a debtors prison in this country, when did this virtual and fake monetary system make the credit bureau so powerful that character is not presumed worth anything anymore? Why does the new generation put up with such excesses? Is it not fascism to so profile such people in general judging them? And let us not forget that the security deposit (landlords who abuse this unjustly should have their property taken and be foreclosed and not allowed to be landlords ever again), was to make it harder for the poor black community to expand a little out of their ghetto or to afford to escape it at all, the few that do not looking back at that great black hole that light falls further into and cannot escape from. In the face of it such use of deposits is profiling and detrimental to commerce and the state as a viable system that can survive the unforeseen rants and revolution coming. These are not the worship of cults of individuals nor some politically correct state model, the state is dead and long live the state, the society is dead, and learning, and those with once a voice in it. No profiles in courage here, but a falling ripe grape and who cares about the raisins of complacency and conformity.

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