Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thought Experiment on Cosmic Design

Thought Experiment on Cosmic Design L. Edgar Otto June 01, 2011

*Ideally, we do not assume that an iota complex or a singularity complex are the same thing, or that either may, as far as observed effects, contain multiples of the other, or if multiples of themselves are in that neutral to external physical effects.

*We assume a singularity complex can be a stable structure and a contained continuum at least n-dimensional (an overview suggests infinite matrices are bounded).

*A reasonable and symmetrical model of a singularity complex is one as an orthgon.

*The subsets are power continua while in a field density as holographic is one that is fractal-like unto themselves.

*Creatively, including ideas of a false vacuum or lack of things in empty space as a structural motivator, as far as energy and the mirrors or loops of entropy as related to such structures go, we assert energy may be inserted within but not arise de novo from within to outside the singularity complex.

*By nature of its linearity (set theoretic alph1 also) and orthogonality, energy within in may be expressed outward in integral steps and clear paths and freedoms intelligibly in particle and radiation decays.

*There exists a hierarchy of abstract distances related to natural or integral and arithmetical dimensions such that an amount can be stored but released at slower at its surface regardless of any statistical virtual many-worlds considerations.

*We assume in the general background of universe-multiverse that where parallel continua meet, the contained energy may be released or pulse out all at once (gamma bursts?)

*We assume that the dimensions of such condensed entities may exceed some binary value such as 2^256 individually (just past the octonion axioms of properties) or that collectively this constitutes hidden mass and mirrored order.

*We further assume that such singularity complex entities are independent of time and its notions, specifically we cannot warp space in such a way as to accelerate, condense, or jump through time.

*As iota complexes or singularity complexes may have a dynamic relationship in the depth and span of the cosmos, at a certain level or number of say iotas we may establish, call up, or create a singularity complex as potentially a physical structure.

*The creation of such an entity is assumed to be or become metaphysically distinct from other relatively similar observed entities, including its relation to a void.

*Let us say we condense the energy as if a hydrogen bomb (much as in the general dynamics of stars in reverse) and place it into such a topological trap - if it is stable and the energy will not leap or jump into other traps, conceived and measured by whatever statistics , that the energy may radiate (much like radioactive decay) at a continually and relatively stable amount until exhausted.

*Of course on lesser global levels mass contain much vaster energy than light expressed as released and its interval invariant velocity, as if all hierarchies are consumed at a zero discrete unity as a grounding constant.

*There may exist such entities on some scale, even moving ones already with some stored energy from remote places and time. Such structures may accumulate such energy over a directed time or intrinsically lose it over a directed space.

*Two stars, two galaxies, black holes, or two atoms may exchange momenta and other forms of hidden energy which by proximity (locality) in a classical configuration has greater n-body but invisible intrinsic weights.

*In the presence of such higher creative energies the hypercolor of abstract coordinates may pass as if neutral or empty or may vary their color of abstract coordinates with perhaps intermittent mixing or non-necessary combination's of connections between them.

* * *

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