Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Social Gravity - (An End to Muggers)

"When I hear the word culture I reach for my gun..." A.H. and in cyber chats and forums most like this concept until I tell them who said it.

I am tempted today to write another Social Gravity column- what good is a city life where you can be mugged at knife point right out in front of your apartment? As the sea seems to be dying and the population more vulnerable to the various disasters and the capitalism expired with nothing to really replace it- is there room for such people in the world? I mean, sooner or later many will think that the exclusion from real borders is the better choice and the more moral choice is not the one on one war but the cooperation of the superpowers that they have had enough and there are better ways to eliminate the problem with our more advanced devices. But this would be a band-aid to the greater dream that people can work together to solve most any scientific problem or natural problem if we so choose. But in no case is money the measure of who is reasonably sure to lead and maintain the trend toward the best within us. So many things are unacceptable why did we put up with them will be asked of those to come who btw wonder at the ungrateful who would join the civilized world. It is time to build again. It is time to make the hard decisions, and perhaps the right ones. "Three generations of imbeciles is too much for the state to allow."
Those who are the squeaky wheels have made many deaf and many tired of loss of humanity to the point there is no moral guide even for the good and decent and holy and the social gravity of it is that it costs more than the world can bare and these taking most of the benefits and replicating them have made chains for the rest of us- If we stay in the land war in Asia we will lose and continue to lose- if we leave it is not a failure but a win- and our borders may be open and welcoming again.

People who do not understand the idea of a better style of life are not worthy to claim their guilt to the rest as discrimination so special rights are due at the cost of someone else's rights and of the children to come regardless of their origins. But the climate goes in cycles and surely one day those who mindlessly echo the party lines of the day will be just as obnoxious, and just as throw away a resource without the hope of self forgiveness and redemption- animals to which they will sink into a lawless world with no honor among those with wisdom. No amount of vulnerability can scare or threaten them- nor can they respect it without it taking them out of the game. For it is the character at stake here annoyed with dysfunctional criminals and corrupt police and mercenary salesmen. Those whom have destroyed the family will have no family so live alone as we die alone.

I retreat to the periphery from where people exchange services and the city where we are drawn to more wealth and opportunity and can fall hard from its tall buildings- not that I want the garden or the suburbs soon to feel the nothingness even at a distance from the event horizon of the black hole of the city center. I do not want this town life but just commuting is more and more costly. I understand that what was once good living in the city that even cities as we know them will vanish and it is a new war zone full of the new mentally ill with unpremeditated violent dreams.

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