Friday, June 24, 2011


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General Note: Those who have followed the rapid postings here as to the more obscure language and modification or invention of terms, the special way some words are used and sometimes seemingly ambiguously so for different ideas can see the logical flow of it as if in a sense these served as descriptive formulas. Thus it makes a translatable presentation more or less true to a style of which the notions seem to have a parallel flow of meaning. Anyway, one area of which I did not find the time or energy to post on was the issue of sound and light as mentioned yesterday in the sci mags as something Newton investigated- and the link of some things are there in the touch and sight of such propagation of waves- but I came to the area before the sci mag article in the discussion with a friend on the nature of synaesthesia as he is studying to work with MRIs and the brain being he majored in philosophy of the more Buddhist kind and plays music- yet needs to make a living. But I am not sure exactly where such enquirey could intuitively lead. It is of some interest in the science daily article today on how birds see- the statement that for all their bright colors in a sense compared to what they see we are color-blind.

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