Friday, June 3, 2011

Ulla perhaps its Time We Looked at Bioinformation

Perhaps it is time we looked at these things from a more biological or bioinformatics view (Ulla sent two links and I looked over the field, we should do this while the physicists fight it out, what else is planned anyway?). Which can have some variations on the views. But it seems to me not so much that particular bits of information and their logical symbols can change the tone, as in clear, gray, black or white or any of the imagined color space- that makes things move or is a model of growth we paint upon the few dimensions of the world or thought- what is an interchange of fractal like or holographic like ideas that is this question of the ultimate motive and source of reality that makes more concrete and abstract motion- but the abstract structures of these ideal and half-real bits that have their own level of what we now imagine as broken or super symmetry. And beyond the physical in the biology the mental seems to be a leap of complexity above this. Still, we can map the body into the mind which ever way the information flows or adjust the body somewhat from experiences of the evolving mind- Again, the octonions expanding, almost replicating from the quaternions for example, but this reductionist way of using the DNA for programming is not its proper expression or if from raw parts some other matter mimics its biological structure, it must mimic its internal code expression too- but why be amazed when it can be arranged to compute square roots when a drop of it so programmed best solves the traveling salesman problem in rapid time to rather large graphs? This super symmetry like potential is after all a dynamic clear relation between intelligible binary bases, and can be of different tones and hues also.

Biology, as with the dreams of quantum computation, may not be the end of encryption for it may form from either pole, and in a sort of reverse source sonar from itself, a quasi reality of stealth and encryption, as life has long figured out. In this context it is most likely that the cosmic or nature code is quasi-concealable and that some codes exist- regardless of factoring over time or infinite touchstones and primes for example, simple machine deciphering may not decode some broken and hidden metaphors. Nor in a relaxed background no necessity really forbidden but rare, it is intelligible to ask if between us, and between body cells, we exchange poetry.

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