Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In reading parts of the link in Witten, thinking of the colliding brane cosmology, and Pitkanen on extending or not certain fractals, It occurred to me that I had overlooked some representations in my series of hyper-dimensional chess-games- for these are also logical extensions of the two player game. My use of a division of the general quasic space as binary plays a role too as where one might abstractly imagine the interchange of regions and connections two smaller or two larger in a three space brane interaction. The latter is Odo256 or the three space game.

It is clear as an analog to field and pieces that the abstract motion of these pieces have certain rules and effects as to say what are excluded abstract motions- information that is not really lost but converted to the other type of grid representation. The functional structure of the pieces themselves as mass structure is also subject to such partition of logic functions. All of this in a sense under the general idea of what are the holographic and fractal principles where they apply.

In standard abstract algebra we note that the division of these simple binary sets of numbers makes distinctions and great use of the halving by alternate groups. Such groups do not but trivially explain the theory of a physics where the general and deeper theory of the physics can in a sense be said to explain them.

I make much of the initial cell to the extent of its high definition or irreducible unity- a matter of taste and our general idea of division of unity in space. This is as old as Aegypt where in the last halving of things the part that does not seem to add up that is small of a basket of corn is conceptually uncertainty so it is given unto the gods.

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Let all who design the interconnections in the internet take note for this sort of mathematics can better do some of the things- that which monitors the corporate interest and that which is a service to personal interest, in the competition and privacy, in the more certain understanding the validity and more rapid arrangement of things delivered as news or entertainment or social introductions, economics, these not the simple neuro-networking idea while needing a more human scale of code.

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