Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Quasic Slide Rule

The Quasic Slide Rule
L. Edgar Otto June 9, 2011

Some who have followed will understand the technical applications of the quasic plane for clear philosophic applications and the actuality of some of our theoretical models as useful and justified in view where in general some of these notions still seem in a state of paradox. I may not at this point spell out the wide field of uses especially in the context of new internet technologies (and by that I mean the software based on these obscure approaches in the philosophy of science). In a sense what is internal as computation may not be that which is intrinsic computation or will clearly not necessarily respond. The division of a general plane into polar or Cartesian coordinate systems likewise is too simple a description in the converting from one system to another to describe internal space in a way that to me fundamentally is an exercise that is trivial- and yet the aim should in such models- if they can be reduced in a sense linearly with the information, my teleoscoping principles, is to have an intelligible mathematical software that keeps these fundamentals in view.

Again, in the depth and span and the navigation, local or non-local thereof, we should not simply treat computer computation as addition only nor that the assumed slide rule of continuous and infinite division is implied, nor that it is simply discrete, nor that the sense of these numbers matter as to say how many elections in a large but finite universe cannot be represented directly pixel for pixel. The reduction into actuality of the drama of life and thought can be within a certain range of discourse and useful information be coextensive with the externals of such computation as if the surface of a geometrical region which to external regions appears internal or even empty and accidental. A chromosome is thus a black hole in the conception. In any case such preoccupation with our vague ideas of multidimensions do seem to apply, rational or irrational views of organic molecules doing the natural factoring or multiplication of say virial square roots, but this is certainly not enough to describe these living quasic systems to which we sweep under the rug too often as a non-linear problem or an indeterminate random one.

That said, there are some natural divisions of the scope or specialization of these disciplines which are intelligible and useful yet independent of other descriptions in a way that is clear where the complimentary of parallel theories may or may not matter or be established. Still, a unified theory may one day find a deeper link here but this philosophic question is beyond the scope of mere modern physics projects of unification.

Such fundamental new physics as some have variously proposed here of which it is not clear any nation or people can maintain the events affecting scientific progress and discovery and by clear here it seems circumstances are naturally beyond scientific forecasting and control- the progress in those who wear the false prestige of being the scientist should not allow their innate wisdom to be compared to others or other nations when it is too much evidence that such education even for the privileged is watered down. Golden ages and peace and freedom from the loss and expense of war where the civilization goes into a hibernation or retreat needs not be the driving force of this ideal of science. For many of you to demean each other over some point the master sees in the behavior of his dogs that the dogs unconcerned with other than their own recognizable species is to demean the spirit and progress of science itself and limit its access by tolls heeded to only by superstition in which the core violations of human ethics is seemed justified.

[note to self- consider the navigation thru this clear space as to who is logically or not trying to connect or is not and designate a universe of discourse of those in the network with epsilon-delta honeycomb coordinates assigned certain meanings and that which it contains of such connections also connected in the depth over an evolving span of ranks and labels. Also, generate such to decode any image set of pixels.]

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More general explorations of the effects of light and images... study.

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