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Clear Electrons and Other Null Energy Entities

Clear Electrons and Other Null Energy Entities

Kea Link to this paper in her update today-

I too would modify the inferred idea of crackpot with a little genius here: I mean
what are they talking bout so long winded but a mechanism to reject the monopoles to match the observation- or a higher symmetry breaking concept and perhaps a deeper, and to them surprising asymmetry of directions in nature. So it is that while some have used the source points of monopoles as a grounding theory, others have tried to fit things in to a wider generalization to at least keep some continuity of speculative enquirey.

So, perhaps one may say, metaphorically and in relation to the new discovery of such symmetries and the apparent demise of some cherished ideas, monopoles are clear electrons!
But at this point why be conservative, the radical views are quantum cats out of the bag? Perhaps put in a bag and thrown in the river.

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"Now, at this point – even without yet having resolved the “zero charge problem” – we
actually have enough to consider breaking the symmetry between electric and magnetic charges. In
breaking this symmetry, we shall borrow from electroweak theory, and impose what we shall refer
to as an “electroweak-like” symmetry breaking condition."

Which as the foundations it is to raise the metaphysical question - the muon creates its own everything else not muon or a vacuum when it exists- Rowlands point out as the one in his book as such as the nature of his assumptions (again ideas of tachyons left out of this general approach and a much closer dependence on earlier ideas of Dirac in pehaps a generally scaleless or indefinite reference of a steady state universe- of which the vacuum may indeed exhibit conditions rather locally for what Hoyle called the creation field.)

"It is then very natural to ask, as a mathematical question, is there a similar connection between some expanded type of
duality, and larger non-Abelian groups? For example, what would be the nature of a duality that would lead to the
larger Yang Mills groups SU(3)D, or SU(4)D, etc.? This is not by any means clear at the moment, but in searching for a
phenomenological understanding of the SU(2)D gauge group that emerges from a local duality symmetry for U(1)em, and
at the same time in looking to find a mathematical basis (and a physical motivation) for the phenomenology of the
fermion generation replication, it is worth exploring if the generation replication and the local non-Abelian Yang Mills
gauge groups that naturally emerge from local duality symmetry might in fact support one another once larger groups
such as SU(3)D, or SU(4)D are considered. The author will explore the possibility that local duality symmetry is the
source of generation replication, in a subsequent paper."

"Notwithstanding this valuable input from others, the author, of course, is fully responsible
for any errors of form or substance."

This the usual and seen as a point of possibly illogical caveat by a (literary) author- but of course
these are about possible errors of form or substance!

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