Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nature's Desire for Symmetric Balances

Nature's Desire for Symmetric Balances

Almost nothing today other than the amazing thing of waking up and the timeless enjoying the morning weather. The thought was, that it is not the field of directions that may be thought by some an illusion- but the deeper idea of directionality in the context of universe itself. I see no good reason for this bright mood this morning or cause of it- not even the weather.

So, with most unaware, the string and certain gravity theories so unified to the M and so on... But is the missing idea about the clock or the time itself? We break the clockwork apart and then try to put it together- and it may work with things left out, mysteriously , but never the same way- a neutral curiosity and tinkering really as when we take apart ideas or each other.

As I personify Nature here, do I not mean more fundamentally than the universe as like us anthropocentric- I am here that I am here or I would not be here so are there worlds where I could no be there, and so on...

Sometimes too much light, and too pure a single frequency of it, in the whispers of the stars- is blinding save only to our persistent memory, fading or not, annoyed or not with even our awakening and first opened eyes.

In the shadows of the canopy of stars there are no ill whispers today, nor guilt, nor unexplained disconnections with our close ones as we move through the market place, a fete or farmers with their produce and antiques, going nowhere really on this mirror of the world- I know they feel the same way here and now for neglect and the fact only near are our problems severe for you, being at an image distance have to take comfort in the reality you are not me. Nor would we trade our lives far out to so many variations of what we could have been. Not that we have come closer to nature or the Gods today or that makes a difference in our life's events, but that we have come closer to redemption and forgiveness to each other here and now in this awakening and awareness, when on the face of it, taking thought it seemed to be going nowhere.

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