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Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum Continuum

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum Continuum L. Edgar Otto June 11, 2011 (The PeSla)

Of course we do arise into a higher sense of space, the differences or distinctions talked about beyond this what can be inferred from the parts of things that can be seen- what substantially we do not find say at this level of technology of our exploration of particles. Surely there is a certain intelligible clarity to the idea that clear mirror particles logically exist, all such thoughts to find the words like super symmetric this or that regardless of what claimed as philosophic or a perception as illusion, or that some of the opaque of things such as the notion of dark matter may not necessarily logically exist.

If one is to make this distinction clear, separate the area of the compass of a theory, it needs further clarification as well where it looks beyond itself to that which makes for a greater unity and intimacy to the reality we experience and try to perceive or describe. (This is the author's message today, a point of philosophy of which I will end the post theme as On Life in and of the World). The distinction for example may reach into the Dee or Dum styles of explanation or in either as something so reaches the same sort of mechanism may be claimed as more the facts as still part of the more advanced seeming and sensible style of the ideas, among them the higher counting of things less fundamental like coincidental numerology of and the opaque use of our ideas of group theory thought clear symmetry breaking. But even numbers are not as simple as to be the end all of explaining physicality.

(One point on distances as such in the new and various spaces I do not post here as I now hold it as proprietary and confidential- I suggest just as with dimensions in general such ideas some have here of distances be given more scrutiny.)

Of course the blog is dialog and monologue and a tradition and language of its own of which I will shortly outgrow at this pace having learned the language to some extent-that is primate shouts and chest pounding, not the backed into a corner manifold of the butterfly flip of Riemann manifolds embedded in Euclidean space canine whimpers and grows... Welcome to the Theory of Everything of which although the emphasis on the geometry of higher space came long before me and I remarkably only independently to develop and be aware... this was done way before most of you were born :-) But if I think of any of you as crackpots I will not do so personally and anonymously for clearly I would say nothing rather than discourage our dreams of science and the hope that remains within it that is the inheritance of all peoples. Maybe I stoop down to insult myself as some do not know they have so insulted or what you imagine an insult the opposite as praise in your no new worlds to conquer. Let us try then to find the depth of humor and if we survive the play it all not be a farce.

I hope that as I so imagine the world it does not come to pass for that reason, I do not think I can make some data, some bump in the high definition of the atom smasher focus and flow vanish- I know of no deep change in my views last week- but I still think it a possibility that collectively the competition cancels out the sensible objectivity of some subjectivity in the peering and review.

Again, the order of things is important and those orders (linear) and square for in theory these contain all other orders of the spaces. Or from those who think it is a distinct grid or gauge field, the plane itself contiguous binary pixels in that sort of ordering.

From zero to one we may map the quasic ordering as a binary continuum and as an overall count of the span in such an intuition of infinite divisibility we can map that infinity but it squared is not simply the linear and fractal ordering. It is true also that if we apply ideas like Jordan matrices or any involving the diagonals in relation to some sort of space transformation, invariant or not, we should keep in mind the power continuum itself vireally squared thus 2^2n and so on... and of course the C or alph continuum itself in many applications and interpretations are squared, the square of light for example. Each of these equivalent descriptions may be added to or subtracted from or go both ways into unity, and as a sum I suspect the discrete n (aleph 0) to the power as n+1 as unity to the unity of such unities can be plus or minus unity even as absolute integral values only, that this form is potential infinity divided by itself and thus is or is not dynamically indeterminate. (but this needs more formal clarity here)

But if we say beyond some idea such as braids or braid numbers as different things that there is no evidence of such super symmetries we can of course logically infer the mirror forms of particles and to some extent the generational structure and what are anti particles as a limitation of the group theoretic and quasic count of possible mirrors in these more melodic low frequencies, low dimensions, and low so more melodic phases of the music of the spheres. But low or high is relative to us as we seem to share the vital middle ground of size scale.

An application of life as center or so emphasized is taken up today on Ulla's zone reflex blog- we can of course see it as the emergent result of a mechanism as so evolved in complexity- the issues is the all important one of immunity. Yet we already know that the mechanism responding to invasions (that is on the superficial level as I have not read the post in totality yet because of computer access time and not the debate over intrinsic computation and curvatures but innate immunity) that there are forms that tweedle-dee have memory of some of the invaders they may encounter and an open mechanism, intrinsically open so as to adapt to new ones as it seems at the level of such complicated molecules all possibilities cannot be stored.

The result of this brings me to the theme which gives me a sense of the justification of living life, things we do that seem important or just basking in the sun on the familiar or human scale. Our lives in and of the World and human judgements, values, how we are the same or different so to adapt to each other and the universality of each other and our real and superficial differences resolved.

In this we justify what is and the need for general philosophy and return to the Garden unexpectedly by the new physics.

Thus, a sense of well being with or without the fear or confusion or even promise of what seems otherworldly, our time expands beyond alienation and the incubation of our authenticity- the transalienated and transauthentic era of innate science and wisdom. No one can take this sense of the living, and yes the tragedies and dying, away and get the bigger picture beyond or times if not beyond this world- and they cannot, even with the new theories of computation, predict everything that the heart and soul of people might do with or without them.

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Oh, Ulla has two more zone reflex posts I added this to one of them:


Makes a sort of sense as I have maintained but whispered as philosophy.

It comes up or is implied by other bloggers here too and their pet theories.

But it is deeper than this idea of phase space if on any scale we accept more than the quantum as a clarity of the nothingness.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that the limits of plotting such phases is the limits of where the equations break down at singularities, at infinities- but they may have to be aware of their own thoughts and biology to understand and apply these abstract concepts in a frame of math that can work.

This is why after metaphysics I modified the term here as Stereonometry.

The PeSla

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BTW why do people think symbol substition codes are uncrackable or that we cannot by a single dot write in a position code?

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