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The Exceptional Universe

The Exceptional Universe (Super Quasonic Symmetry) L. Edgar Otto June 22/23, 2100

Lubos on the reference frame has this same sort of theme today synchronously in a most excellent overview of the situation.

*The question of maximum symmetry as a structure, but from my perspective as the Quason248, a sense of a fractal like idea that at each point we can erect other such structures- and these perhaps the same issues as with the transfinite that in a wider sense we may ask if other such transfinite like numbers or geometries exist. That is we go beyond the Lie group here and wonder if this as a quasic description of the universe is coextensive with the possible universe at a place where in the general omnic context of things the multiplicity and singular difference may be a distinction long past as a meaningful question.

*If we conceive, at list this minimal object of maximal symmetry, as if it a general space, what would an associahedron to this be for the 240 dimensions or the 198600 or so representation?

*Is there an analog or Qn ZEO cosmically realizable say as different Qn Black Holes as creative objects?

*The universe, when it has a purely fractal stucture would have repetition of patterns and extend the notion of space as (longitudeque) depth exceeding quasics.

*But the (latitudenesque) as holographic restraints on physicality in its finite extent also make a clear possibility of material existence, distinguishable yet of a purely (infinite) holographic extent.

*Again the world seen as a hologram or fractal brane, roughly particle or wave in its dualities of nature.

*So the subsets, the groups broken down from this (harmonicesques) do not necessarily exhibit smooth uniformity of physical structure or perfect crystallization save the notion we may imagine it and mechanisms of approach to the ideal.

*So the quasons in quasons, their interactions and intersection intimately intelligible and commensurable in the main or generally so as harmonesque is a structural model of the universe as the Omnium in principle between unity as the infinite and finite.

*We cannot expect the mere breaking down of groups and apply them to physics ideas- nor the general assumption one group or theory applies to be comprehensive enough for a general Theory of Everything or a particle theory.

Footnote: Of course this concept (which may raise the level of confusion as to some spiritual existence or not, decidedly favors say the E8 exceptional groups of string like ideas as the only ones substantial materially, that is the general reality and its unity is exceptional in the usual meaning of the term.

This is not the most general of our possible notions of space and time. In that I lean toward the exceptional as far as the group theory is because of reaching some of the ideas from a different path quite outside and before string theory. If such a physics in simplicity and uncertainty of trying to see and choose between the separate pillars of the theory, or any theory... we have taken apart and tried to put back together what after all can be seen also as already a unity.

The universe is exceptional, and yet it is also standard. For if there is an ultimate unification of forces and the like, from the higher omnic view these have always been here in a unified state- and they have always been distinguishable and breaking. The Omnic principle is both general and capable of details. Even if we thought the only unities possible were partial ones, then there could be universe like sheets of them with each string formulation as the physics of that universe. Each point in such general continua may be an exceptional point in itself, that is and so on in them, if we are to emphasize or define physics as that involving maximum symmetry and balanced equations.

As to if there are in these visions notions that put God as more distant and less certain then the same processes also put so much of our cherished methods of physics as less certain, it shows up what after all in our hearts and minds has become closer to being just a metaphysics again.

Or dreams show that our minds are at least as complex as these super duper symmetry theories in that they in a sense transcend our complex but more down to earth ideas current modern physics.

Can it really make sense to unify the string theories into a more general one if in fact the method of doing this is but an analog of the logic of string theory logic itself? Or is math to be done in the smoke and mirrors that one system, distinguished and different maps another? Or in a deep sense as to what can be discerned from the logic and logic of unity the existential balance of both ideas?

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