Sunday, June 26, 2011

Organic Singularity Primes

Organic Singularity Primes L. Edgar Otto June 26, 2011

The Yod transfinite is such that the singularity-primes are both contained within either system and yet dynamically cuts through both the holographic-like and fractal-like views.

At the threshold of where these structurally meet or begin (as in the initiators of the genome and in fact there is some evidence for what are the terminators too with super-singular primes) in the metaphor, it going beyond the 24 of validity's and direct paths or superimposition's of influences, we can see these illusions of size and "brightness" in a more relaxed principle of what may actually seem a halo of sizes quite aside from ideas of charges or of some general ground of physical substance intelligible and influential by virtue of position.

For we can imagine three variations on a genome as far as the expression of an organism's structure that may all be viable, a triplication of sorts as are the natural dimensions. But this would involve a rigid idea of say the properties of the 24 cell in four space and its lattices beyond inorganic crystal concepts. I was a thought that this would explain some of the possibilities of cancer in the higher coherence of an organism- but from the fractal properties when these are intrinsic to the coding or to the roots of the brane square of the quasic plain information-wise, we have a more solid basis for the idea of organ specific morphogenesis fields of which certain cancers may only exist within the boundaries of some systemic wide tissue.

Thus to some extent a physical theory that acknowledges the role of ultimate positions also should see this principle in the context of the metaphor, of momenta and scalar considerations, of string like spin ideas and orientations, of non-locality or not in the metaphorical sphere and not just the classical or the quantum idea of a sphere (that is when the dimensions and subsets are in a sense centered abstractly as if a proof these close pack at a constant distance)- that this isolation yet intelligible embedding into a more general space expresses the very differences as concrete in the flow and changes of the "phaneron" or background as the Cosmology of the Omnium. For any positional description is both a given and dynamic, inertia-wise... Of course philosophically there is this higher idea of theoretical freedom at and in the threshold of metaphor as the Omnium.

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