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Do we lose Dreams Forgotten upon Awakening

Do we lose Dreams Forgotten upon Awakening I think there is a recent article on this I have not read, but it is such a question that strikes me as part of a new concept how we will understand how we think - that and fresh looks at recursion from the power set view mentality -that too not to be imagined only in our limited and evolved, or leaps of insight as consciousness in combination's as to what is physical falling from notions and equations- this quality of a consciousness complex at least of structure begging for new physics.

Clearly, something trumps the level of generalization afforded by quantum theory and its subjective or objective interpretations- considering recent blog speculations here this new article seems to come a little closer to a more unified view of things, and puts a strain on what we are seeing from the supposed new data from more complicated experiments. Make the connections readers.

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Here are examples of how with further refinement and understanding there is a choice to maintain certain world views with refinements, experimental or theoretical as breakthroughs
One that begins to think of some sort of infinite computations over finite time so as to extend things into ideas on fixed views of numbers (primes) as a unified continuum of sorts. The other looks for support within the wider system for the general trend of our standard theory. A few are dipping their toes into the new ocean of new physics and trying to interpret the sounds of those who are kicking the tires. Some still stuck with what is proved to be ultimately non-issues or questions.

This lack of focus in general debate that remains only on precursors to a better general theory
takes time from the task of finding it. It obscures the paths and questions that in the end are more critical and with useful solutions that surely will result.

Yet we have to do the best we can for what we do. One such higher question I cannot quite formulate in the back of my mind- something new or a better way to see one of the same old metaphysical problems. Can we pin down certain arrows of directionality in a way that is not merely an observation or assertion of things? What is still missing in a better general theory?

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I see a new scientist article that talks of approval of two new elements and the illustration with it has four blanks still beyond the usual table- Is it possible that they finally have discovered elements beyond the 120 and that after all these decades this pet insight of mind is finally superseded? Well, the article just said we are coming closer to what is thought of as "islands of stability" at element 120 and perhaps 126- yeah, the old Bicentinuum embarrassment in publications in '76. Has anyone asked why this finally end of known elements takes so long to reach as our technology has accelerated?

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I saw this yesterday and did not remark what an excellent concept is here recognized that fits well in the awakening of the new physics:

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Just posted:

fresh views all around! Well, whatever the actual application to these numbers or resonances or echos of particles and how far they may extend- when, in our lifetimes at least, will they be lost in forgotten dreams? And if from some future time, quantumly seen to the extent we may see into the past, will there be archeology to mine the old ideas in transition for nostalgic or historical reasons- even perhaps to recreate the total environs in some parallel theory? That is, it is not that some have no lucid dreams or day dreams, this is normal and quite normal to regard them as perhaps a more random process- NP and P and all that computation-wise, although individually it can be intimately disconcerting to see such presumed messages in our mental bottles we grow to fill- but that learning or not from history there are some scenarios we seem to visit and live there again in those parts of the reality as if our dreams. But why, in the freedom of possibilities is there a direction, that is the question, that so distinguishes things such as real and dream, what is the source of awakening and the fixing of clear grounding as existence and history? It is not just our setting of laws for the continuity of our commerce- the sole proprietor of a theory after all takes with him the reality of it all in a sense just as in legal issues of the continuity of life.

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We do find a sense of surprise, perhaps rude awakenings, encountering the dark flow in our hearts- did we do this? What are we that we are the authors of our world and yet so distant, yet need the connection and touch, with the pointing to or the minds of others?

We quite imagine, some otherness of a scenario, some expertise in recognition of the landscape to evaluate it, fight it or flee from it. The surprise then in the stream is that even while intimate with and at one with the flow it is hard to see it even if we part of it, so near and so far what is within us. The storm front of our dream of life is well known it can be severe or catastrophic, make no sense as to the mind of some myth or idea of a greater Being. The climate for all its philosophy that at least we survived and our belongings and life styles but debris- is the expected but surprise of this season's weather. Some quote from Walden observes this of the village dwellers, there in the simplicity of quiet contemplation with keener eyes the warbler for the horsehair for a telescope it find outside the front door when the author has to find one at the stable. And yet what is in the awakened world compliments our dreams- if indeed the songbird can be said to dream beyond its rhythm of life in the living- its hidden purpose to its daily landing on some ground, fetching its own needs at one with its awakenings and special adaptions to some ritual, some playfulness even with its drive for curiosity yet does not know nor can be surprised it is awake. And as all such creatures on some level of change will not be surprised- not in our human way with its advantage and moral sense as to how we live and work together- even with the world itself growing scarcer of resources and crowded. The blocks of ice harvested from the pond from winter at last takes all summer to melt so much concentrated into a great pile.

So, upon reflection we should not be surprised either- or either way what more we may find and verify beyond the twists and turns and dreams like ghosts as the many worlds and multiverse clarity of regions pass through each other, that we do bond in greater ways, that we do justify our optimism where our better dreams surpass even the cost so vastly wider of our decline and disintegration.

Somehow our preoccupation with surfaces return again to the empty clarity of what we measure in cubits, our spaceship of world and universe, crystalline its heaven, we outline only so as to half behold and measure again the face of God.

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There are many similar articles on this "weak measurement double slit idea" but I chose this one as rather interesting:

Perhaps a little deeper than it appears, on the mirror itself the paths indistinguishable so it is the simple apparatus and preoccupation with simple mirrors! So, even if the quantum formalism applies as a principle to assert and part of the flow observable or not- why in the mirror form do we experience a difference of energies of organic molecules? What is this deeper nature of the seeming asymmetry in more complex scales as well as where we could think of it as the general case at the fundamental grounding of physics? Of the mirrors themselves in the reality- perhaps some are real and some are not in their existence- that is where as one of the articles say quantum mechanics meets philosophy.

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Of course this sort of thing applied to say fusion, well I thought our technology was a little further along- but the principles seem a little more sound.

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