Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The White Noise Effect

The White Noise Effect

This is a general post about new results from studies on coffee. And about the chaotic white noise of randomness in general as the only method toward the truths we might find in science. We do not have to have very deep studies or ideas in order to influence the masses and their behaviors as to what is or is not good for them.

Coffee lately has gotten some pretty good reviews- caffeinated or decaffeinated it seems to ameliorate first the breast cancer and the prostrate cancer. But this comes at a time when some say we all have such micro cancers and our technology in detecting them has gone too far in the suggestion of a need for medications or operations on what over our limited lifetimes is benign for all practical purposes anyway. On the familiar scale some say that the self breast exam is useless and a few more say that excessive radiation will actually increase the risks of cancer.

There was a time when the statistics, of sufficient scope of participants and time-lines, said that coffee will break chromosomes, that is caffeine. This was a bad things in principle- Scientific American and other such magazines used this very principle to show that LSD, a hallucinogen, breaks the chromosomes. I went a year without drinking coffee and one year with not eating more than one egg a week- but eventually it turns out the popular magazines lie to us. For example, LSD does not break the chromosomes. In fact as with the spiders they make a perfect web while under the influence of lysergic acid. This is bad because it is the imperfections in the web that fool the wasps who search for spiders.

Let us recall that the brain makes its own hallucinogen and that without it our view of things (as shown in cats) would saturate into a blankness where we could not see any differences in the view. Moreover, it seems that the body, say exposed to radiation to some extent, or its immune system challenged as with broken chromosomes especially of one of the DNA strands broken and cancerous, becomes stronger and does not fade away into dissolution or an indistinguishable mass.

Yet some may read the popular news that suggests that coffee is psychotropic in that it makes one after 6 cups "hear voices". Coffee makes you schizophrenic some may conclude and hallucinogens are not neutral but do irrevocable harm. Perhaps, certainly low class 40's and meth has such effects, and perhaps opiates as a read once only of what may be stored in our chromosomes as memory or access to memory.

White noise was used in this study- and here we raise the question of placebos and the expectations of the experimenters. Listen to the white noise and tell us when you will hear Bing Crosby singing- and many reported, after coffee, the hearing of such voices.

But what some forget, and it is a deeper issue yet on what we may conclude from statistical methods say in our analysis of particle data, is that there are studies that show our ability to hear can actually be enhanced with some white noise in the background. I might conclude that coffee frees of allows enhancement of our imaginations. When the brightness is turned down and there is nothing on the television but white noise on some unused channel at night- a few photons get thru and we say they are left over from the big bang- evidence of that view- it is no wonder some feel that some of our theoreticians are at best hallucinating.

What was God smoking anyway?

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