Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let us Make Ourselves Perfectly Clear

Let us Make Ourselves Perfectly Clear

*1 Given a string of nodes or points of 0's and 1's we assume it is in a discovered or imagined ordering.

*2 We assume it can have a certain length or can form closed cycles which may lose or reset the information or gain in the scope of its general multiplicities of freedoms.

*3 Two or more strings in their freedom may clearly merge including special multi-dimensional variations of numbers and coordinate shape ordering.

*4 From one unified or general view, at least, of clear and indefinite possibilities, numerical and topological effects may appear as if an intelligibly designed system.

*5 Relative to a reduced or more general system, at least around a local compass, an intelligible multiplicity of clear binary systems may spontaneously (at some reference space) break or build degrees of clear symmetry.

*6 From one view, nothingness, black, gray or white tones, spectral hues, hyper-color or more general notions, analogs, of such color as say "technicolor" as abstract or literal as with the case of "spin" is to be seen metaphysically as clear in the physical conception.

*7 In the design of an intelligible theory we discern or fix what is distinguished and symbolized by color analogies.

*8 The combining of color coordinates, assigned arbitrarily but uniformly, hue symbols may combine with fixed ones, ones with saturating depth or density, and opaque mirror ones real or virtual depending on the needs and design of a given theory.

*9 Thus, intrinsic or extrinsic curvature or computation somewhere is neutral or equivalent to clear processes in nature herself. These effects or realities need not be continuous nor intermittent if intelligible.

*10 With respect to some intelligible theory there are many ways to combine and perturb the sequences as fundamental factoring or multiplicities clearly somewhere equivalent.

*11 As things appear or move in preferred directions as if on all scales the most general model of space and time, of ultimate physics of the universe, is at least the OMNIUM, existence with intelligible changes of indefinite extent, clearly, strives for the core principle, dynamically and inductively, as Being and not being reaching an overall unity- that is in a clear context zero and one equals potential infinities.

*12 Under this generative but quasi-distant and creative unity an organism, on many levels that quasi-relate, may exchange assigned colors of 1's or 0's, but systematically and intelligibly, both in the metaphor of meaning and physical information as a substantial or material reality where these with less a general view may seem conflicting or confusing.

* * *

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