Monday, June 20, 2011

Colour: Subjective Reality - Objective Illusion

Colour: Subjective Reality - Objective Illusion
L. Edgar Otto June 20, 2011

If from a reductionist viewpoint we call our color perception illusion, that tends to shore up the view that such perception will eventually be explained by some physical structures or process and pushes aside what may be the reality subjectively.

The same is true from the application of mathematics as in the second link above where the artist applies the explorations of Escher and the examples are seem to me more engineered or brought up to day with ideas of geometry like Penrose tiles rather than the mathematical exacting and poetically inspiring art of Escher. We say that water that flows upstream and down stream in a flat picture is a trick or illusion for the eye and not possibly the case in reality where say we imagine the plane drawing as in truth 6 dimensional to superimpose two 3 dimensional spaces globally but are separate in the detail. String theory, in general abstract theories, those of multi high dimensions thus may seem illusions and not the reality of how nature sees things.

Although a limited model as a representation of hyperbolic space where say the unit cell lattice motifs (and btw the interlacing of light and dark colors of the figure and ground) that there are illusions of color we impose on the gray explained as after image (but why in the world would we have more image on the whole than after image, matter over antimatter? Some smells or digestion of molecules active or neutral?) This is perhaps a quantum question also of how to interpret or remain mysteriously neutral about observations and effects. Surely from one viewpoint the erection of planes in ideas of combiniations,

(of a sifting by rules for certain numbers that we can imagine as abstractly and not in fact residing in the dimensions wider and flanged or condensed into a plane- I mean integers here and of which ones we choose to represent these dihedral coordinates- Escher quite aware of dihedral coordinates and the higher sense of interacting planes at least for what is four space in terms of the adjacency matrices.) Is there an aleph 3 world or analog to the associahedron?

Another dualism question as to what is illusion is the idea of the flow or change of time, opaque in a sense if continuous or of some frequency change describing it. I can think of this flicker effect in the sense that at a certain rate a series of still images appear to make a smooth film. But there are other common things we could think of as visual illusions or experiments in reality- for the experience of these outside the control or following of our own perception rate is very convincing that what we see or experience is in a sense less real.

I can imagine a device that flickers to total dark of the eyes which at a certain frequency would make the scene in the mind appear continuous and even reverse the compliments of colors. Or in the case of the horizontal television screen scan it is possible not only to see a sphere falling before it as ellipsoid but a motion of the eyes can reach a frequency where one actually views the (I have only tried this with black and white) picture upside down.

So, the question is do we have a case here of Objective Reality and Subjective Illusion or the complement to this case where change is a part of the world and reality and dreams are not saturated or have a sensory overload, or in some cases the core invasion of confused structure as in the inducing of epileptic seizures in the main and in the varies levels where they are micro?

* * * as a link through Kea's blog. This only scratches the surface of the higher ideas of dimensionality but it apparently comes to that conclusion. It is worth reading of course. I would make a more detailed explanation but I had to help someone set up email. But as far as I can tell, even with the reach and documentation of the words and formulas- it is still far away from a true understanding of what we mean by even 6 dimensions with that most limited idea of compactification. But I understand the String theorists acted as if his a holy name to be whispered. I do not mean this politically, but if I did I would suggest that the next generation of new physicists handle it like Alexander when faced with philosophers and just not take the bait of the game and puzzle but slice through such Gordian knots.

That a face is beautiful does not matter if it cannot be seen or if we are not sober with our eyes. But to the warthog another warthog is beautiful.

* * *

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