Friday, June 17, 2011

Social Gravity

I am thinking of many ideas and an overview as to what to include in future domain projects and reviewing things like the html. I would have continued if not more busy than the pace of awakening here, to post a series of ideas on the new physics. I have considered a separate blog for the philosophic issued and social rants and so on... How we in fact relate to the growing technology. A Philosophy of Transcendence seems worth speculation in light of new physics and how we really may project things into the future. What happens when we become our dreams, virtual and real, isolated fantasy or they identical to our physical reality? We all have the desire to experience and implement our styles of dreaming so we get tripped up in the rush to new territory as if our small sphere is some new frontier in fact.

Social Gravity L. Edgar Otto June 17, 2011

Not to detract from the achievements of invention and engineering by the author of a book I saw on the talk show last night, a book called Transcending Mankind I think. I have been thinking about these issues for awhile so this report is not from this dialog with the host. In general I get the feeling we have gone a little too far for now on our use of the exponentially growing cloud of the internet where television, telecommunications, telephones, computers are converging. It strikes me as a precarious situation, but then is not life in general despite the projections and promises.

What is gravity in the end but that we name and grasp in some model which in one form or the other makes sense as inertia, resistance and runaway dreams? If the technology outpaces our ethical and humanity, always and issue, it seems that such a vision of our technology even if the statement is there that there is always a frontier of new art, that the organization of it will see hegemony over the last bits of continuity of what is distinctly human within us. But I am not making an appeal to suspend progress at some level or go back or even slow down some.

As with our explorations of physics, and the coming closer to the foundations in our great collider experiments, we reach a certain point, a convergence to which in principle we may not reach let alone see beyond. This is a central point, some oz on our journey on an endless beach, Far-Rock'a'bye in my myths, mankind in the crystal city of his dreams that adsorbs us or we go around- perhaps around endlessly.

I will find that book, another person stuck in his tribal dreams that seems to be striving to make money although I do not say he has such motives, and make some commentary later. Perhaps we come closer with our telescopes and microscopes to the beginning, the Big Bang, after all- only it is in the center of our existence.

We should not fear the future. We should not fear the explorations of our dreams nor if they are unique or blend into a confused mass of possibilities. We should however be cautious at those who appeal to our emotions, as always, as to our persistence of survival which to me seems to vanish in the logic of it all or is but a pale analogy to the same old opaque promise of eternal life from the prophets. If such things as the very sea of microchips and nanotech sister molecules meet us inside with our dreams can make life a little better and we not lose our humanity in the process- well, it is unlikely by such current views this side of heaven individually and indefinitely we will survive without new inputs of wisdom.

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