Friday, June 24, 2011

Exceeding Syllogism

Exceeding Syllogism L. Edgar Otto June 24, 2011

This is a lite day for me in posting, almost like a day off. I decided to move the last post as a separate one and post some ideas floating around, loose ends and speculations. For that post the relation of sound as waves to that of light, I keep thinking, and rather primitively, that sound as longitudinal, as touch and lag, would be limited in that its wave front might not exceed the speed of light when its internal signs are averaged or flat and in a sense a hidden oscillation where varied. It amounts to where in the world do things seem to take time to reach a generality.

OK In a sense of something tangible and absolute as a background, the quasic field corresponds to a method of finding the valid syllogisms- after all the logic of such a field guarantees many intelligible results of math properties as number theory. Yet, in the overview, as in the standard theory the 25 elements postulated to explain the varieties of particles- the 25th (and I have long accepted that the "homology?" between complex ideas of space and the other more positional ones is the case) leads string theorists and others to think of it as gravity that is transitive or imparting to mass or as mass the valid and concrete field of the others.

Yet, we observed only 24 of the valid syllogisms (including certain patterns were even a logician I knew said he always wondered why there were only 15 of some things) and the 24th in fact we deduce despite it violating the general laws that finds the others. So to introduce a 25th, and I simply state this as a simple counting of supposed objects, is in a sense to exceed the compass of syllogisms.

This seems where the fun begins, especially from some gene code considerations. Where sequences begin, the initiators, it is already independent of the logical universe of discourse we tend to think of as a framework, or a reference frame, even if we do not think of it as some say lattice containing the physics.

So in a sense we imagine logic to be confused there at the foundations or at least a place where a complete framework can be invisible to others also complete in themselves perhaps. Such seems in general the cracks or gaps of anomalies and paradoxes that is a simple model where our theoretical concerns has the freedom to explore new frontiers indeed.

I will now relax with some primitive paint ideas for an illustration to this post. It comes from watching the cottonwood tree and thinking of its trunks and branches as if a speculative but simple fiction about creatures who build their world among such branches. Another stray thought, of which we all might have but not take time to become aware of its consideration nor to write it down- including we who have such thoughts on a creative role- that and the state of our health and oblations where the first line of comfort and defense is our own skin... you get the picture. I think my roommate would do well to write some of his ideas down, especially when he reads Buddhism- a good exercise for his mind and one that seems a little more concrete than the language of his abstract paints the depth of which lately has made it more pleasant to have to stay in that living situation.

Perhaps this sort of idea as simple as it is can be a metaphor for the idea of branching (pants) and other forms of what if some creature walked on some very small compactified dimensions.

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