Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graphics Ideas (Logic and Position)

Graphics Ideas On the Vagueness of Concrete Reality as Stereonometry in our ideas of Physics and Philosophy

It occurred to me after coming out of a dream and the dreams have not been more than the normal sort of dreaming for a long time now, but this one was an immersion in computation and the like- probably from most time on the computer trying to make sense of the html and encoding and how it may relate to more efficient web design. But let us not leave this to simply dreaming after a bratwurst or burrito as an explanation. There is a simple thought as if a profound philosophy here:

The description of a physics as containing a positional space is equivalent to the idea of a virtual logic space. By this I simply do not mean the software-hardware idea nor their merger. Yet, it is clear that these views may be independent or so to some degree. The screen is a clear mirror for example, in the sense we touch the screen but there is the question subjectively where exactly do we touch something? Is there a future where we in actuality touch say rocks walking the surface of Mars as what may seem to others an unplugged in distance? I do not like the idea of touch screens as I am always trying to clean the smudges of the monitor and children or nerds eating pizza, well they have sticky fingers and sometimes smoke stained keyboards. Still, we can communicate to the computer with wireless.

The question then is harder than we imagine and of course it may involve the frontier of what we mean by locality and all that- perhaps we even decide that there can be no ultimate merger of machine like and mind like realities as in a way they also remain separate substances. It is far easier to understand we see at a certain distance than that our touch does likewise only its mediators are space-less in the sense that light at maximum speed is timeless. But I do not mean such a crude distinction or metaphor.

One way to apply this metaphor is to observe the universally some shapes on a simple level... faces on the moons or animals in the clouds. The more we have to fill in the elements and rearrange them with few clues the more we can find the variety of say the swans or ducks. Our physics theories apply logic to this sense of vagueness as we find or respond to or wake up what is in us not an illusion as much as the freedom with or without connection to the physical world by this logic of positions.
Consciousness? Maybe not so much as the identification of a process that vaguely involves it and a freedom at least in the moment, at least where in fact we may say but cannot show we do not actually walk on the surface of mars, or that we cannot disprove such from our more mysterious concepts on parallel worlds and so on... This a world more of no-positions if that can be imagined, and thus no certain logic or one that seeks to learn or lead out what is within us or what we expect in our narrow territory of experiences and the only reality as if the transcendent future can be just autistic man.

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