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On the Clarity of Philosophic Time (Gravity's 11-D)

On the Clarity of Philosophic Time (Gravity's 11-D)

L. Edgar Otto June 8, 2011 Eau Claire, WI The Pe Sla

We establish ways to view how we know and think things, the epistemology of perception. We find:

A. That the world of our immediate experience is at least nine dimensional while we only see three of them from any one personal perspective.
B. The human mind can orient objects as things in three space and most likely beyond that in our reasoned and intelligible imaginations like Nature does.

Consider the projective paintings where toward the periphery of the painting, just as that of this edge of things viewed in the retina by special cells (see Pinker on ideas leading to these extended theories) that invariably some object like a globe is represented as a sphere when from the actual projection the artists knows it is ellipsoid. Why do we tend to do this?

C. It is just as well to assert that gravity is that which is a relation of geometry the explicit instance of it an orientation, a collapse in twistor space, as to say that in the presence of gravity we condense things into a directionality. In this sense gravity can be seen as that in the presence of a body of mass, a centering as well from the structure up we encounter or generate ideas like gravity as the prime or complementary theory where both can apply at least to living organisms.

In a weightless scene or simulated one a candle flame burns as a perfect sphere. In a region far from directed forces of gravity it is possible that (as in Hoyle's creative field) this centering or focusing in all directions (thus our primitive ideas of acceleration or expansion of at least clear space) may convert the general structure into a directed structure universally which we call mass. Both mass and gravity, raw inertial ideas, can be seen as the same thing including philosophic time (that is time called the fourth and by analogy n-th dimension as a statement of philosophy where the issue is unclear as to what mass and substance is as well as whatever topology its relation to the universe is), and some aspects of consciousness as a given or ongoing entity may be seen as similar in the intelligible cosmology systems.

D. We conclude then that there are reduced or preferred dimensional directions which can be seen as symmetry breaking and super-symmetry of an informational sorts, that the general theory or philosophy of Gravity as that involved in the 11 dimensions for the M theory unification, that in a sense the directionality is a Null attractor to some general region that on lower dimensions appears to have a center as if we view say an atom from the outside.

Functions involving elliptical ideas alone and the congruence of overlapping regions, the varieties of manifolds from such, is an incomplete approach that means little in the general landscape as does that in the landscape, of say the ten dimensional string world, means little to the realm of branes.

Clear Philosophic Time (Which seems to be a draft here only of concepts needing more speculation and working out)

1* At leas st in set paths of "history", of philosophic time or clear temporally, noting is forgotten in the depth and span of cosmic or nature code, in ways that the Internet cloud can only hint at for imprinted message permanence as lack of privacy.

2* For in this realm even the security promised or hinted at by "quantum computation" seems almost a meaningless or non questions of deeper ideas lost in the physics by reduction to our virtual but intelligible models.

3* But the context of events, a subjective and social context ultimately uncontrollable and unpredictable, finds a front of spacious present wherein the cosmic code and the virtual experience substantially and paradoxically clearly coincide.

4* To some extent this experience of individual clear time is the consciousness over the compass of a quasi-concrete subjective existing.

5* We can imagine then a cultural or collective clear analogy we call Instruction or Meme space in the reductionist, behaviorist, materialist, natural selective sense. Yet as emergence such meme based cultures and the individuals that carry and work in the parameters of the totality can vanish over some space time regions, ie forgotten although the clear form of some evolving system as a raw ground may persist intelligibly over changes thru time.

Interestingly, a subjective experience is unique and colored by the current moods and events of the time, while the memes are universal the community or individuals experience them uniquely as if the perception of the events are attracted or only exist as real and permanent to their own conscious centering or of their local group.

As in economics it is hard to relate the macro and the micro at times- one cannot support an era of big bands, for example, if there is not shellac for the records for to sell them due to the rationing of materials needed for the general war. Such experiences of small town culture is known or recalled by many people just as the private experience of say Black Jack chewing gum and Top baseball cards- these little things for some experiencing them is nostalgic- and like all nostalgia fades and is forgotten in a few generations for what was really at the time incidental in the culture.

But make no mistake, I assert here that in the greater picture and cosmic scheme of things that memory of events and structures are clear and in theory may be recovered where nothing needs to vanish or be forgotten as far beyond our long climb to better perceive this world.

These things will become clearer in the new physics- and perhaps, just perhaps, that will set the ground for even greater physics and philosophies to which if we just hope to advance the individuals and science long traditions over the alpha-numeric age are not enough to solve or guarantee stable growth and transcendence save for the immediate cultural wave of a population or language region, empire. While we are not determined by our past we nevertheless may physically exist there- but unless it part of the general code our entanglement and memories of others in that in a sense they philosophically still live as in memories opposed to a physicality of material existence, cannot intelligibly outlast us.

* * *

Let us note that there are other ways to imagine such spaces and algebras and a deeper explanation on what is and what limitations there seems to be in the limited idea of "projective planes" for whatever the factoring and decomposition or the unification of these similar forms of symmetries into this or that diagonal of a standard form of a matrix, complex or not, positive only or not, because of the considerations above these methods are not general enough to describe a fundamental physics.

* * *

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