Friday, June 24, 2011

Social Gravity IV (Seeing with a Cloudy Overcast Mind)

Social Gravity IV (Seeing with a Cloudy Overcast Mind)

Correction: In my exploration of HDR talking with local photographers HDR means High Dynamic Range (not to be confused with High Definition although those who used the term wrong did understand it a different animal) on top of that now that I found someone who knows enough about it to relate it to film methods and in general the philosophy and science of light and color) in a sense the viewing or seeing HDR with our eyes or "mind" -not just a question of frequencies and so on- is in a sense the opposite of what I was seeing as more like depth of field with contrast changed in the camera the reverse of HDR.

But the philosophic question is still there, if we could see like the birds would we actually be seeing a true higher system of color or it just in more complicated definition? Again, would this be true of space dimensions?

I find it interesting also that the unity assumed in Feynman diagrams can be solved for so many loops after all which is in a sense the infinite stack of such diagrams (I encountered a youtube from caltech on this today). But is such resolution of these infinities able to reach some ultimate state or is it just more complicated? Certainly the link between the complex numbers and octonion representations are a good bet but do they in reality achieve things beyond reducing particle states and twists and momenta to some Unitary natural dimension as such? Or is it perhaps more ultimately diffuse somehow. Can such methods of math go beyond their complicated but seemingly complete compass of their logic?

This reminds me of the usual paradoxes encountered that are ubiquitous in the history of philosophy- perhaps we still need a new idea or higher generalization or a clearer way to see the question. Maybe one that is purely philosophy alone. That or we need to apply the various ideas together beyond our still separate areas of research.

But it may take awhile to get past the ideas of spaces, sporadic and so on, on the way to that frontier level of things beyond the monster symmetries and E8. I did look up the higher monster dimensions involved 196883 involving "singular primes" as I was trying to find some intelligible numbers around it... nothing so far but excluding 43 as the first one so excluded I sense it could have good uses for magic squares and so on, here of course in a finite group setting, as after all it seems to me that sooner or later we can erect such dimensional ideas on a shared intelligible geometry to reach the same conclusions as say what amounts to some structures such as tori lattices in higher space- but that should be only the beginning to which the overall program of unification is still using methods and concepts that give great resistance to the progress of the theory for the whole.

I wonder what it must be like to be some of the people giving lectures and presentations and if they truly found what they thought they could do and be. Oh well, it is said that believing in the doctors and faith healers even if they no longer believe is the source of the cure- or if one loses faith the going thru the motions to the believers makes it still honorable to be say a priest. Maybe to be established as such would be an impediment to whatever ultimate happiness and easier path to some practical problems we can find in the sciences- let us pray that what holy books we follow for needed expertise after long work sends the next generation into the right directions in a world not only where enquiry is possible but where we may also trust more our fellow human beings wisdom again.

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