Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Little More Cosmic Thought Experiment (Clear Holes)

A Little More Cosmic Thought Experiment (Clear Holes) L. Edgar Otto June 2, 2011

Xv and Xw and Xvw (symbols for multi-verse, many-world, and combined concept) for the continued consequences of such notions.

*1 There exists a region in general space, a Clear Hole CH, in which coordinates as information are variably clear bits.

*2 The universe XvXw is also conceivable as everywhere a Clear Hole.

*3 Between continua, information may be passed from translucent, or opaque or such shifting intelligible regions thru a CH complex Xvwx.

*4 Clear Holes may be ambiguously empty.

*5 A White Hole WH ( energetic emitting, radiating in the usual conception) coordinate complex and an (observable if only indirectly inferred) Black Hole BH is a Gray Hole GH color wise which in general contexts may be indistinguishable in process such as dynamically defined as a Clear Hole.

*6 The dynamics of such "chromatic holes ChH", by scale averaging topologically or by energetic mixing alternatively, implies a certain intelligibility reference frame between them as if the binary representation and variations refereed and intrinsic to it is of unique order or contains multiplicities and persistence's, acting as 1 or 0 as intelligible abstract entities- that is, metaphysically to ask (and make some progress on the answer) as to why the universe is rather than not, especially applied as physicality by apparently inert structure, combination's, and the logic of falsification, or even this potential as a vague and quasi-ideal freedom in existing- such that this core question is an intelligible question.

*7 Conceivably then, OR or XOR, two negatives as black may invoke a positive within some either or implied restrictions.

*8 The universe as a general parallel Xw or XvXw ambiguity shares the physicality as a principle on a macro, meso, or micro dimensionless yet concrete non-local scales.

*9 Some coordinate values may be distinguished as absolutely positive or physically are implied so.

*10 Any dynamic concept of WH Wormhole connections are subject to these same notions and may exist like gravity waves only as inferred or implied, objectively and subjectively as a lesser scope of general notions or the default mixing XvXw states of hidden physicality instead of these unreal and unnecessary connections. Thus we can identify vaguely the power continuum approach and the combinatorial mind approach as both necessary, in our perceptions and reality, with the multiverse and many world models, perhaps interchangeably.

Thus I present a thought metaphor in hopefully somewhat familiar and simple terms for as the sequence clear groups, black and white groups (and gray) or color groups then hyper or super color groups ascend they may at the remote pole become clear groups (of coordinate information and its order and structure even of the vacuum) again.

*11 It seems there is another overriding principle to consider or conclude- what I have called the Neotericontinuum. Ntcm This was meant to be an inclusion of things learned or made historically concrete in the widest sense in the universe. This principle has is mirror in chromatic group theory ideas akin to that of memory or some idea of a completed existence over time. But it is not clear that even given infinite expanse of time that is ambiguously open without beginning or end that there is not a flow of complexity between the learning and the memory directions, and that in a sense this is what I call omnomic, the vagueness crystallizing into more intelligible and ordered thought to which the stars and BH models mimic, and so the development individually and collectively of law and science theories.

* * *

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