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Social Gravity (Brainwashing Troubled Minds)

Social Gravity (Brainwashing Troubled Minds)

Today on the Sci mags:

This is of course a most expert and hopeful research. But from a more general view than the reductionist (oh some will praise this as a neuroscience explanation of memory or even suggest it can lead to a sort of brain washing or even adjustment of memories so as to show some false). But this is not the ultimate explanation of memory or where they are stored as if a field with intelligible geometrical restraints in the vacuum or at least the general quasic structure of an organism. Will any pattern of learning be encoded into some elixir to drink ideas after all? Of course things may be a little less out of focus to the point these are not just swept under the rug as non-linear problems to be solved.

The field or vacuum has structure, that is so there are 28 forms- an important number here, or this molecule is more or less dodecahedral? A certain space filling finite area? Will old memories come back once they are erased? Could be, even the jumbling by shock treatments have been said to return. But it is clear that the encoding for several proteins (informs?) vastly awaken the metaphor of gene and protein encoding even if the possibilities are read in a positive direction and not a variation from the looping back from past history.

Still, the idea of synapse strength is a good one- speculative as much as say between them NH3 or so is a vibrational quantum source as precursor to memory and I suppose the realization of consciousness. But quasic structure also can describe the paths as good as the physical in the realm of notions. The same logic, and the same link to physicality that initiates the possibilities of gene expression. But is that code the container of memories as if at least a possibility to lead out or realize at some point in time as well as distance of space?

Does it go even deeper, most likely, between the properties so aromatic like in the steps of the helix and its phase jumps Riemann style. But of course as constrained as the inheritance of the genome as a totality against excessive internal mutations the unity of the organism has to have these considerations to explain things against the quasic and quantum and in a sense the classical relativity of the continuous and discrete models over the metaphorical threshold of such numbers and geometry...the sixfold of things that stack space between the purity of more symmetrical polyhedra.

While experiment is nice and needed, a comprehensive algebraic approach would get us a lot further along, we n-dimensional bilateral beings, in knowing what to test and perhaps how to make a cure. So much of apparent transmission at a distance between cells and organism is like short range FM frequency- and the scale can be seen from some views of complexity, even of hypernumbers to 9 space, as isolated and fractal.

Such foundational notions will vastly affect how we do science and he party line will not deliver the miracles they claim at as speed all may benefit from in theory for the society of science itself is a meme like problem of the grounds of transmission and gaps, the laying down and recovery, of that learned or forgotten.

It is not enough either to find some magic bullet and test it as so fundamental a level of tinkering with the nature of time and the genome- for some rare event we may observe would be from that dark and hidden world within us and a mirror in many directions- more the norm as if QM leaping or genes jumping, or one thing in two places seemingly at the same time.

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Footnote, comment:

It should be clear that this realm, a generalization by various means scientifically beyond the threshold of metaphor that new physics is explored in ways that will seem as surprising as the unforeseen complexities of the genome and its many parallel forms and layers.

For example, and with all these theories natural isolation and restraint in the format and methods it uses, a crystallization and focusing that has captured something new and for us in our limited realm, creative and original, the work of Kea and her emphasis for example on 14 and so on of the associahedra- even the significance of 13 and 7 and so on as enumeration of structures akin to string theories and ideas of symmetry reduction, breaking, looping, braiding... and of course what to exclude on levels above and below as outside the scope of the discussion for now.

Even the intuitions of Ulla and the hexagonal forms of Carbon as dynamic in an organic system- so too these molecules with their symmetries do appear to be a focus of torus or genus principles and related lattices. In space we divide a torus into 13 but as far as the colors with six points of genus 1 we get seven regions all of which relate to projective spaces and so on...

Hypernumbers- the hard to grasp idea that there are positive roots of unity which are not one... That which finds its nodes again in the 70's as if an awakening to ideas for the nature of consciousness beginning with Dirac matrices with an ambiance of the youth culture of the new age. TGD of Pitkanen indeed exceeds this while all of them acknowledge some form of the possibility of some out of focus hidden chaos or uncertainty as a part of the philosophical underpinnings.

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