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A Point on Metaphysical Thermodynamics

A Point on Metaphysical Thermodynamics
L. Edgar Otto June 5, 2011

In that the metaphor of the idea of a Clear Hole (an idea since 95 or so) or the monopole as a "clear electron", One may reasonably ask how might you say something about something that not even in principle can show evidence it is there, and if someway it is there really makes absolutely no difference to anything physical?


To the extent Rowlands principle we acknowledge and know as metaphysical, the idea of a further level, perhaps an absolute one as if treating empty space as if the positive as the concern of physical models (see Lubos and Pitkanen for most relevant articles today on Greene that suggests a 9 multiview quotes Motil there These are of course how we may understand or apply quantum principles to the mix of things or how we may not. Both theoreticians are due for a breakthrough or refinement of their methods.) From that extent of insight and cognition we see that Rowlands principle becomes one that grounds and shores up these issues of physicality at to what the world it or matter, or something in it. This I relate to the two first or pre-laws of thermodynamics for that seems to me the grounding for various positions for these core debates as to what is the fundamental physics.

Ideas like "density" or how we relate to the hyperbolic spaces idea and twistors- and so on have to have a core logic if not vague evidence from physics. It seem to me not so much a mystery as I have developed these points over the years and last few years in particular that as philosophy its grounding that there are many abstract papers exploding out of this generation and its researches. These have to deal with the philosophy that has long slept in its implications for physics- just as our ideas of higher dimensional and geometry did for so long- now the sleeping baby is awake and seems to be crying too long in the night until exhausted that any lullaby works to soothe him.

There are laws beyond the third law of thermodynamics, in many forms suggested and a form I did on sciencechatforum if the post still exists- but I do not address that here. I address the zeroth law of thermodynamics, so-called, for at this point if we conceive of it as a mirror it is just before or behind the mirror for images that may be one handed or shadows that are particles, and such a distance from the mirror suggests that space is not just an empty vacuum in general but a quantum foam.

Zeroth Law- two objects in equilibrium to a third are in equilibrium to each other.

Clearly ideas that suggest we can vanish on one hand the monopoles as in the cited paper of my last post, or the suppression of certain more massive particles with these new experimental results of the usual idea of symmetry on the fifth quark- and see that link to the blogger who says he is surprised at the acknowledgment- Is the simple idea that in space the sample of things eventually reaches an equilibrium or on the average does so by this simple and reduced zeroth mechanism.

So as a "clear view" the higher level application of this law, that is of say dice far from the idealized but not physical law and mirror, the so called Null Law, we observe the sense that this is the proper realm of quantum space which does seem to have a paradoxical flow A to B to C to A in probability and average directions.

Of course on what side of the multiverse mirrors or even the lowly mirror are we on?
(Do I await further experiments with photons and multi arrangements of mirrors not just as thought experiments, up from simple physical models and common materials much like Coxeter walking around with his kaleidoscopes and boxes of mirror? There should be a whole technology here, not just the planes and flow between them nor the pairing of electrons as if they descend or ascend in the depth and span of equations, not if they are in a sense an analog say between sound and black hole? Let us make analogous terms but keep in mind they are but stepping stones- as perhaps the idea of quarks are or where, useful in their time. If we imagined three of them more classically (and this issue of when things become classical, as far as the issue from the clear view goes it can explain why some see in in a context where there is no issue really- and that goes for cognitive issues of subjectivity) what sort of zeroth or null law might we imagine them in a sort of analog to equilibrium?

Between the zeroth law (and the confusion with what is scale and mass and unity as the fundamental constants as fundamental or not) and the null law of thermodynamics we see (and the same thing can be imagined for relativity and its structures too) that each can be a mirror to the other structurally and that the philosophic implications one may make from one side of this mirror applies the laws oppositely and diametrically opposed sometimes as to which is the proper grounding and more basic grounding of the physics or which is seeing the other entropic principles wrong.

Perhaps there other quasi-thermodynamic laws (for not all our hidden dreams are deep and strange but lucid and interesting or reasonable and sane, some for whatever reasons have nightmares. This walking in our sleep does not scare me, it is the ones wide awake and dreaming who seem to be falling apart around me and who are metaphysical beings really that do not connect to others- that ultimately when we have a true sense of self and theory- these creatures do not have to be in any equilibrium at all with you for the default is that we can as awake recall nothing at all and death whose depths are a little deeper still as to physical connections, these ghosts walk the world but are not a part of any world being cold disembodied ectoplasm and not the sweet warmth of a body at least lying beside them.-

"Do not be fooled by the propaganda of the mentally deficient!"

* * *


You see, antimatter as that side of a mirror is a zeroth law thing and I am trying to talk at a deeper level which may or may not show chirality in clear space involved and yes it could be nothing at all absolutely.

But this link:

Should warm our hearts that our emphasis and the importance of biology in the mix as well as some of the complex theories and speculations- quantum only or not- is the case. :-P~ to all the "to make he best science forum on the net" who banned me for such ideas- may your children's children ask what you did in the TOE wars as they understand the landscape and terrain of life and all the spins and matrices of which you had the credentials and power and did not consider as more and more fall by the wayside at what would really be, for our generation at least, rather simple cures.

* * *

The conclusion of this paper, certain depth obscured by Feynman diagrams, need I point out this was among my topics a few times over the last year or so? Clearly, a lot more of theory as in this approach is going on than just the reductionist quantum field theory- not to say that Feynman was not aware of such hidden symmetries and adapted his position on them. What is a reasonable position that our heros hold is sometimes vastly misunderstood and misused by their followers who read too much into what the founder said- but is this not the human condition? We adapt sometimes by our errors as much as assertions- a cultural thing really where no matter which way the outcome goes it is the nature of theory that a jump between the theoretical mirrors in such Wonderlands and Looking Glasses - either way one wins playing both sides of a more general idea. After all, if we load the jury it is like being between two chess masters playing them against each other so that for one of them you win or reach a stalemate. Is this not the relaxed logic of being to which we sometimes illogically despair of the heat and game, a thermodynamic problem of extents and isolation? Making much of nothing, and too little of what if awakened things are?

* * *

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