Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing in Between Noise and Human Understanding

Nothing in Between Noise and Human Understanding

L. Edgar Otto

I came with nothing on my mind shut down but the antics of the so called "homeless" and ex crackheads and those who brag in honor they are on some sort of medication or  will someday go to detox.  I had some general social thoughts on this on the way to the coffee shop- philosophy, again, one can take from two links, I checking my mail, something of these old issues and what they involve.  I may not discuss this so I point you to the way to understand the general systems better- think territoriality and what we mean by privacy on any of the supposed levels of which some things recognize other in the hierarchy of symmetries and multidimensional as we colonize a planet covered with people in these niches of subatomic systems limited only by the extend of the area of this earth.

When it was quite, I did some interesting graphs or when I was awakened again- there is nothing in between cooking at a temperature one almost melts but certainly ruins the pots and smokes the room.  The hierarchy of the social  system has nothing in between why they surround the plantations with street bums over-seers as if we live in a prison where the rules are held within and all work against but in the name of privacy to enforce their position and struggle.  The state, this county in particular, not only destroys families- that is they want not only families to be nuclear if indeed people are paired, but sub-nuclear- eventually without the right to establish families or pass anything of worked for wealth as inheritances- (and the issue of minorities is not about the genes but if those children of our future can survive in this climate- one where credit instead of being the essence of capitalism is its chains, and its flesh eating bacteria disease.

This from science daily on amplifying randomness    and
This link for an enlightening discussion of the world as if a computer, Turing, Bell, et al .  Readers if any should try to combine these issues and  I think you will find most of them have been covered here, that is if you want to know things from the way science and philosophy will be in the coming century.

The  illustration today is simply my symbols, ottonians, but in it is the solution to an old problem of making the eight point star candle in its endless variations (and new understanding of symmetries).

* * * * * * *

Lubos has a more formal post  today on some idea of  "in between" or little string theory which does not really make the case for his general assertions and conclusion.  But if you look at the subject he discusses in this limited view of it you can say that a bigger picture compared to a few others would see all his training and learned view and appeal that his view will stand as part of a non-crackpot picture anyway- let us start in this absurd edifice of theory of limited dimensions with that of the 6 or 11 dimensional restricted formalism- that we will look back a this find summary of speculations as a rather little string or brane theory itself compared to the reality of things.  I take his last paragraph as a typical overreach by the cleaver and sneaky if not unintelligent-  Like on the lower levels of the burn outs low so called IQ- I begin to see there is no hope for progress in our generation and its stances to how the world should be, politically - so, you victims and proud homeless, mentally ill, I no longer care if you jump into the river, but the right and the left have cost society way to much.
"Lubos concludes:
There exists a class of people with a very low intelligence, no creativity, no imagination, and no ability to see the "big picture" who are only capable of learning some very limited rules and who are devastated by every new powerful technique or technology that physics learns. These human feces often concentrate around Shmoit-and-Shmolin kind of aggressive sourball crackpot forums. I hope that all readers with IQ above 100 have managed to understand why the text above is enough as a proof of the simple assertion that all these Shmoits-and-Shwolins are just intellecutally worthless dishonest scum.  


  1. I would not promote that. Lubos writes this way exactly because then the mob applause.

    Today there are problems with all models. Also Lubosh'.

  2. Oh well, Ulla,

    thanks for reading, I hope something is worth my ranting here- hey hard to live with the ex meth heads and not to give up on them but it seems to me the state is at fault. And I heard in the quiteness of the monday coffee shop two professors discussing various things- alright, you are right of course, but I will post what became a rant. I dont know how society works or claim to know- just trying to figgure it out and not give up on people. How can the bare truth of what someones says promote it? hmmm well you should see the political adds here lately, they do not care if one says we got more jobs or lost as many- the contrast they know makes no good sense.

    Anyway, have a great summer after the great chill of last winter- sooner or later I should run out of things to say. I have found new and wonderful ways to work with the html and drawing (still with paint) now if I can just get some sleep.

    Hey, if I change the template to get a side bar so I could put you and others there if that helps will I risk loosing what is already up there?

    I dont see the problem in some models... you know who.

    The PeSla