Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tetrasome Snowplex of Hail Stone Runes and Hole Shift Position Bounds

Tetrasome Snowplex of Hail Stone Runes
and Hole Shift Position Bounds 

L. Edgar Otto    26 May, 2012

A snowplex is like a field or board of structure as if a space or skeleton on which the pieces or stones are contained within cells designated by intelligible colors and sub connections.

A tetrasome consists of four cubes and a center one we can regard as a hole in its internal orthogonal shape that mimics the boundary of the whole as such an indefinite shape.  It is realized as if a tetracube to which we analyze of all possibilities of structure to exhaust the intelligibility of the space.

In the 32 cells all solutions between tetracubes are known and are possible.  We can generalize the tetracubes in the space as if they need not be connected contiguously by each cube face to face- nor that the resulting structure of the entropy needs not to be considered as an isolated or extended system (ie snowplex of indefinite boundary in a quasifinite and bi fractal shadow system.)

The general divisions of the mirror or hole parts may be organized into orthogons of the various dimensions as if to subdivide where these may influence the snowplex system or have an influence (antiflangelation) on another system. This is part of the structural count of these quasifinite objects that corresponds to the arithmetical count.

These same principles apply in the realization of group theory considerations (and number of solutions to an algebra equation including complex parts) in that the abstract colors of a tetrasome may be extended as multiplicity or substituted in permutations and combinations provided the snowplex is treated at least locally as a stone or rune system itself that may make concrete or several layers of such an abstract hierarchy.  We can extend the field by its possibilities of color as if to make creative material or flange-antiflange objects of the holes themselves.  These describe intelligible higher symmetries as possible in a relaxed structural mixing.

But in manners of the change of handedness of such tetracubes the abstract color may be invariant.

The material, bare material, part of a snowplex is symmetrical of substance and holes foundational in that the real part is half of the binary systems.

Between these halves we can describe symmetrical fractal paths that connect with the quasic coordinates of cells in the abstract of motion that is random or uncertain in its change by default of inertia (quasifinite inertia) and these can connect between the indefinite snowplex (gauge) boundaries.

There are analogs to the plus or minus, or the power as if dimensions, of adjacent ones where tetrasomes are the structural coherence of tetacubes and beyond in a more general conception of the relation between groups and dimensions.  It follows also that these are intimate to theories of information in an intelligible manner.

A general particle can be considered a snowplex in matters as to its description or reality as as substance or virtual vacuum in the widest relationship of dynamics and dialectics if it in fact on some level exists (all can reduce at some absolute level to pure nothingness, otherwise there are connections residual not broken within some physical state.)  In that we can interpret the universe as existing and as to the foundational principles with variations of the strict laws of physics the universe itself as particle is at least a snowplex.

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