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On the Creative Evolution of Atoms

On the Creative Evolution of Atoms  (and how given the same simple forms we can have global and local emergent properties explaining the science of materials...)

L. Edgar Otto
  04 May, 2012

Welcome to my Navy Blue Board.  I intend to post here periodically on this general theme.  Must we regard irridium in the geological layers as other worldly although that is an intelligible property as theory or that the seeding of the earth by water from comets may also be seen as an alternative view of the history and origin of our solar system that may be part of a higher picture of cosmology.

To start with I post my recent comments on the TGD diary blog as I discussed there what was on my mind lately inspired by this conception of how atoms are structured at least as if a logical, but controversial pattern or history.  I will also include a link from Science Daily which seems relevant to the general picture as hinted at in Pitkanen's them on his contemplations on what I regard as a metaphor of dark matter of which is may not be clear my post was on topic but of which I imagine a connection between the issues of space as TGD phenomenology dares to suggest a tool for analysis or conception. 

My position on the water memory is still neutral but these ideas are trying to tell us something that is perhaps too obvious for us to regard as science.  The usual attempt to modify Lorentz or other ideas with our inadequate use of terms like magnetic or momenta as far as they go to describe things is the core problem of Maxwell and the monopoles in the equations as the links suggest.  But surely if we can imagine such things it requires we ask why we do and how we are surprised that such could be the case after all in this age of disconnect of our reductionist and mystical or social consensus relative thinking.  Perhaps here we can have a place for open dialog instead of what seems coincidental, synchronous, or hidden.  Perhaps we can shore up what is truly foundational in our experience of Being.

In the blog the Dialogs of Eide there is the discussion on the Goethe or Newtonian idea of the spectrum of color and sound being of one origin (as is recent findings that in the human brain at least there is a connection of sound and touch)  My illustration still way to informal deals with the twelve tempered scale colors and the relation in the more generalized logic to our sense of what is the gray.  That and if we agree or not if there are longitudinal or transverse waves at the foundational level of nature (see Dirac).

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 Blogger Ulla said...
At 10:01 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...

    Matti, on the topic here, as you and the zone-reflex and Dialogs of Eide discuss similar things it inspired a poem of sorts that tries to relate all of these things. I call it Meditations on the Water in My Brain...

    The Pe Sla
At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Orwin said...

    Ulla, here are equivalence classes of topological order:
At 1:54 PM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


    that was a pretty good link, thanks, but a little long winded although the main ideas come out.

    In looking at the water memory thing again- and what a beautiful video you linked to on the medications- I come again to your intuitions for say carbon in its special place of evolution of the atoms. Only this time Oxygen takes on such a role- the configurations of dark electron shells of atoms- and it seems to carry over to other observed influences of the wider set of elements.

    But for these things to be accepted on the order of TGD we have to look a little deeper than equivalence classes of topology. I mean in the evolution of matter it is clear that at the level of carbon and stages beyond (oxygen not toxic for animals but a new state of growth just like iron to replace copper in the blood) we find by mere topo equivalence the stages that correspond to the various string theories.

    Long live your sense of such perpendicularity of things in the generalization.

    The PeSla
At 2:02 PM, Blogger ThePeSla said...

    Oh, and Ulla, for your link above I know that although omnipresent the Lorentz idea does indeed need further generalization in the higher topological and arithmetical theories not to say it is rendered trivial or obsolete. In Orwins link the idea of tensors perpendicular to a flat lattice such as that of carbon is a powerful idea to consider to arise or descend into the depths of such flatness.

    Can these things be equivalent at some remote or near singularity in terms of entanglement? Or are they analogs on a different scale than around some infinity or zero?

    Inside the mouth of spherical wormholes is the key to such phenomena of which we can only still imagine as part of the bigger picture.

    The PeSla

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 From Science Daily:

A Key to Solar System Origins

Low Oxygen Levels

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