Friday, May 18, 2012

Which Side of the Post-Modern Mirror

Which Side of the Post-Modern Mirror
L. Edgar Otto    18 May, 2012

Surprised today to touch base with Geos and his wife from France.  Over a few years in the coffee shop we have discussed his analyses and theory.  I see his last chapter is almost complete- we tend to agree on such things as the role of aesthetics but not in the view of history as to if we have yet to enter or have passed the post modern age- for he things the debate was stalled as an attack on reason in itself for the conversation.  Today, after I finished the last post, my update on his work gave him replies that were lucid which he said was helpful in the open possibilities in conclusion of a sequel, that as drama, as human emotion, is not necessarily better than the first of movies and books.

Where he has progressed in this more of a political or economic theory and did include some background of philosophy or physics it seemed a smooth evolution of the concepts to which I am again not surprised at its growth or conclusions.

We should not be surprised where ideas of zero or positive only physicality fundamentally exists as if to dismiss the one sidednes of what seems knots in a complete theory and then to apologize for the addition of consciousness issues into the mix if we make the neurological left and right brain analogy thought now old ideas-  I suspect, as the goal in all this is to find the freedom of something new, well to coin what now is considered a cliche phrase, new paradigm, I quite get the feeling that Geos has made a case for this as part of future theory as possibilities for all general systems of enquiry, each with its part of validity and reversals, in the sciences or philosophy.

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  1. Pesla:
    I'm reading this from a café in MadVille; there is more to be said about the circularity of Rationality as a critical tool of Rationality as failed project of Modernity. How can a failed tool be used to save itself? Probably can't be; so just what will supersede Rationality as centerpiece of Consciousness?
    Another day; Geos.