Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stray Principles, General and Isolated

Stray Principles, General and Isolated

L. Edgar Otto  May 08, 2012

In view of some of my new speculations related to the generality of unique metaphor and simile systems, the philosophic ideas of will or intention for example... perhaps the local and actual location or shape of things has an intrinsic value over all omnia as a fact of a unique design despite the possibilities of bootstrapping and even the similarity of all possible structures of which the naming or the personification of entities in them being quite arbitrary of all non necessary possible designs, that such general systems in the super-realms can indeed be unique, including to a certain sense of memory that transcends not only the idea of one or many universes as a grounding foundation or principle but also any fluid, empty, or substantial aspect of time, that is here we interface with eternal yet creative existence and non existence itself. 

Abstract absolute mechanisms and scale- the scale conceived as a result of the numerology of intelligible patterns and numbers is beyond yet contiguous with any conception of size and scale or what place of observation we imagine the open or closed as loops or cycles and so on... lesser ideas of the universe will be contained in such a general model,  yet the greater ideas subject to this same dynamics of philosophy remains still an open and closed question as to things beyond this universe and even beyond the pattern of primes as intelligibly uniform across all generalizations.

In this sense, in the Omnium, we ground the idea of purpose on one hand and yet keep open as to if a goal can be reached, only the motion toward one, or what seems improbable to analysis if something outside can be shown to express anything, of that beyond the achievement of such goals and the physics or concepts of which we can make things intelligible in the reduction to empty shadows with structure including all our dreams of reason and mathematics.  It is not the regularity of the fence that resonates with our vertebrae- nor the spaces between the slats or nets, nor them together that explains or limits us while we feel the design and identity with objects and symbols. 

That we can at present not so describe that place is the proof that sustains we can so describe it thereby, at least to look into and probe beyond the fence posts. This is of course beyond the idea of infinite summations of infinite finite parts or a finite summation of infinite parts, but not necessarily the role of conscious entities beyond the dynamics of all possible interrelations of such parts.  Each generation that partakes of at leas our local unique history and cosmic memory, truly is a new and unique materialization across all of time, and ground in all of time.

That is the best I can think for the moment, but in such matters it is perhaps our sentience that is primary in the end that we should research in itself more than we relying only on our imaginations of the design and codes, the wide general theory's of everything, if we are to get beyond our own first frontiers, bob-wires, and fences to new worlds and fundamentally new states of being in the ground as well in the possibility of heavens super-duper symmetrical at least.  For in the end this is the design and pattern that goes beyond the possibility of memory and uniqueness.  But it does not hurt to climb to the top of such imagined mountains as we tend to do at times, taking up the challenge and the risk in our innate laziness to bask in the oblivion of sunlight and begin again another steep learning curve as if we can fly and still stay together and not stumble at the mountaintops in such rarefied air as our thoughts near empty space boils with our hands we do not feel anyway, nor they some sense of mechanism and sentience as if mysteriously and without some rope or nerves, we connect the whole of things.

This illustration I meant to post yesterday, the five and 8ness of it all and so.  I used the otto symbols for its halving and golden ratio properties of which it can point up or down in the count of five quarks or nucleons.  A fourth or third quark as the spherical bounds for the others and he interchange in the zero and infinity quark in the center of the 5 cell or of nucleons, adds another dimension of quasic symmetry of which these considerations are a shadow of higher hidden susy symmetries.  Again, in matters of scale, of the dimensionless also in regards to unity, the measured values of physics involved needs this as an explanation for what really in the natural very high numbers of things.
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