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Primary Day & Secondary Nights

Day before Primary Recall Vote in WI

L. Edgar Otto 07 May, 2012

How do we connect these ideas with the quasic abstract motion notation?

We could make further distinctions such as actual or potential tracts or simile or metaphor spaces, or designate the "holes" between an extended wormhole that reaches or not some other space or wormhole as if a statistics of the incomputable state of the totality if not intimated to space. These to be graphed quasically is the desired outcome.

Can we have a hierarchy of wildcard senses where the ( * )and 0 and 1 become dynamically evolving in wildcard space hierarchies as information of the state of some view of a tract that in the depth incorporates the neutral measure where present to be encountered... can we go beyond the five honeycombs as if a super wormhole with generalization as if a non extended particle.

The general directions of forces needs not be, as in a liquid,force equal in all directions limited to an area region.

To some extent there is sufficient spaces of such degrees of freedom in the subjectively creative world to assure compared to the lifespan properties of an individual, such that in that realm at least- as we distinguish the outside of us, we can entertain each other as if suspended disbelief between metaphor and simile. It is clear that also, no matter to what extent we understand possibilities or outcomes that this same freedom which has to solve or redefine intention and purpose allows for surprises of our destruction or changes of state of which there is general suspension of disbelief that we continue a path in the face of vanishing, or have to be in ignorance of it, even as if we do things that to some extent do not matter and waste time or lives otherwise.

Perhaps the information is intelligibly intrinsic as a wildcard potential structures in the subcells of a system.


Primary Day and Secondary Nights May 08, 2012

So, we come again to the thought that everything is contained and is a reflection withing everything else since ancient times our abstract structural ways of thinking and the thought recently of the "bootstrap" idea in this respect that particles can be explained as the combinations of each other and contained in some cosmic totality we find again the idea that the given universe is in that state of which we add to it whatever drives the dynamics within it or beyond it as if some principle of it given, as perhaps finite and a steady state despite changes. The universe self contained or in the ultimate sense of energy- the so called "free lunch" concepts in vogue around the the same time, the beginning of the 80's before the refinements that considered things like string theory.

This was certainly a time when some speculations did seem matters of lost faith, and careers reaching an empty dead end in such research- and a time when in the shift of political fortunes the idea of distant aliens, coincidents of intention in conscious influence in the world, were half believed or considered by the masses- an idea secondary perhaps to the arts of science in the technology that inspired in the popular imagination from the worship in our cathedrals of the silver screen and the balance of terror after the fresh civil wars and the great and final wars in the heart of man-

Or we are the projectors, the scene viewing us with its message put there for our consumption and the gleaning of real and false pennies for propaganda, the block busters with their shaman tricks of special effects and craving for the lies that still our fears until the faith could perhaps heal, or destroy in some potion the same old snake oil.

Things can be so self contained at a distance even if boundless- for to touch the screen, its textures felt, seems as if to touch somewhere distant until distance is a concept that is unclear or we see it from a distance. We focus the watching as if a dynamics, an intention as direction, an extended vector that like the sun's rays a weapon by the inquisitive or sadistic children who vaporizes the ants.

And we can dwell in that space without understanding the space- that is we can touch the screen itself, turn the globe of the world around as if we held in our bare hands a base ball, felt its curves or dots on the keyboard to know our way, body memory of the arbitrary letters that we find as if a machine only it cannot be done if we see it half blind.

We see this bootstrapped idea of that self contained as if at a distance, remotely, we in the dreaming watch ourselves in the torus and the broken manifolds, and the enfolding of ourselves in the dream. Beyond that we juggle the spheres, first with one hand of two, then of the three and beyond. We reach out from this our view of the world up to and beyond the sky if we do not take too much constraining thought, or our perceptions and reflexes are not too fast or slow, and then we debate what is the reason the curves form in buckets full of water set to spin.

In our journeys to the world that seems to flow with time, its light for all practical purposes infinite and instantaneous and independent of the tranquil aether, that too debated if seen or not at a distance from some higher or highest God depending much on such things that we have faith an so can see and be seen, our spiritual vacuum in rebellion full and not empty, we beyond sight as we reset the genes and nerves and stems to play the game again cheating death in such virtual worlds, against such winds we can tack against it, we can make political forces and walls, but few can make the time machine that goes back before our time, our unfrozen passage ways, our ships and sails and steam, our engagement with touch and sight and squeaky wheels that shout out and gain the power, or the oils and snake oil that we understand awhile the nobility of struggle and war until we grow weary and our spirits sink again into the climate sleep of winter, natural and perhaps self caused in a finite sphere, as if our dinosaurs did cover the earth in flatulence or their descendants all waste of heat with their paradox of finding its infinite source so as to ride such ether wind.

* * * * *

There are always those who seek to control the power, and their system itself is not totally to be destroyed for then one cannot change the hearts of man and the vanished enemy thereby in rapture from our closed dreams wins. Even the primitive societies try as a crime the bodies of its suicides. These are the herrenvolk, paladians, chosen or elected people, means justifying the end in utopias obtained and survived, a natural symbiosis of the prey and predator's that toward the vulnerable low points near vanishing of a culture or a species they both by natural law, by configuration and winds of change the have relative abundance again.

We loose ourselves at times because we so prey upon ourselves within these abstract finite structures and topologies and we the fodder for the recycling and reuses at some point it cost less to mine the refuse- costs to much to print the money as a superpower, go too far toward the tipping of the scale toward the gorge of goring people who in desiring continuous love constantly eat, a generation given up to the couch and couch potatoes- we cannot help such sober addictions for that is our dream of immortality- only in the expediency and efficiency of this world we cannot go too long in the throw away giving in to the fear of thousand dollar loaves of bread or the fears of cancer worse than cancer itself- or for long contain our boarders as the empires or superpower where there is no deposit or no return of its assets property of the people.

The news asked a poll as to why there was a run to buy guns and I suggest the reason the people are armed is not to arm themselves against each other- but that seems part of the game as within the empire as if it alive and now paranoid to the point of needing new enemies to fear- an example too that the rest of the world wants its evils and much as its freedoms- but as the power, sometimes needed to a point where we share its dream and watching the dream, grows it arms itself against its own people, spies and accuses and stalks, and even scams on them as if it is a wise judgement or a given right that they should not be so armed, or even think.

Beyond the fear of the need to hunt for what is left the season of such fears can endure continuously it seems. But in the process property, including of ourselves and even of our genes is traded toward non existence and even in the gambles after the falls wealth, the bears may not arise again from hibernation nor the bulls be sacred herds and run free on the range.

We do not now know, of course, what direction is or is not the moral one- but we do have faith in the numbers, the simpler levels of us as a sea of molecules and our numbers not fundamental but more real than the abstract and remote laws of physics- these wont vanish in their utility unless we do. But if in a trend- and the trend is about the nature of what is the environment or special codes and even wealth of inheritance- we find economics depends on established families and the history is pointlessly revised, burned as if it cannot arise from blind ashes, and thus from it nothing might repeat from it to be learned, from that in our bold never again's we know not what it is to be unlearned it is all about the issues of replication and divisions of labour, and beyond those usual things the who owns the germ cells and in what sort of culture should we move on past our lower instincts.

If in the generation after the great wars, fought not in the name of pax americana but a new open world, the American dream even when it had the monopoly of fire power and citizens craving the civilian life not occupiers and policemen of the rest of the world- and yes when we were in the position to forgive the world its debts to us, we find the idea still a political issue of the nature of divorce- now down to about half of all marriages different from the baby boom generation which is so much higher- what has happened in the feminist ideology that underneath it all is the question of what of families is good for our general economy and independence. Economy itself was at first the idea of such an economy by the family- that the philosophy could only exist one way and not equally between the genders and the state invents professions by those who do not know children to so raise them, or to buy and sell them to the middle class such that those with money make the foster care system a source of wealth for the states, what to do with the generation of the Vietnam era and of the cult of drugs for war failed us in the killing them off- that and the minorities brought here for cheap labor and the recent false promise their own children will have a future in the melting pot- even then the army was all volunteer of such de trope groups and it seems that does not work for long.

The feminist agenda reached it peak in that boomer generation and at the center of the storm, with the influence of those who lost their own tails should one go to the university - equal pay for equal work should not be a question but the sake of working as equality means little if two parents together each makes half the pay until even two cannot raise a family. It was unheard of that marriages of twenty years could so fail and for what but selfish reasons?

In this sense abortion in its cycle of political rise or fall, is simply unwise and not just an issue of politics preached for the survival of the state and a way of life, or a religious belief- we have not learned anything from the personification of the ways of life of other animals. The new generation of women cling to their Marylin Monroe moments of the 40's and the light movies of dresses blowing in the wind- not amount of snake oil will tell them what their single mothers said was the way that women are or should be. The persistence of the gay gene as an enhancement for the sexuality of our ladies is no longer a viable replication for the leadership that would strive to take the place in the hierarchies they want to have of power themselves and so railed against. Not that this is not a natural state of dynamics in this world, but what can we learn from our own colliders than general nature has not already tried when we smash atoms of the heart together in our big and costly social projects? That perhaps we cannot prove things are by nature equal or we understand at least the equality of opportunity in what we know of a non necessary reality of our artificial constructs at a distance- that we think it justified to judge or impose upon our fellows?

Technology is not lagging behind our social senses as much as it seems those are still lagging behind our scientific enquiries and achievements. Truth as such will keep us free as despite us and the indifference the universe may care for the sacrifice of individuals the symmetry of liberty will persist somewhere in the touch and sight, loneliness and blindness of things- these are still open questions and what do I know other than I would not be a stay at home father again- to some extent that helped no one, especially those immigrants from the future, my kids, but they did not want the guys to have education and jobs nor the chips off the old block. There are shelters for women but prisons for me who are by definition sex offenders who spread the disease of motherhood.

But my perspective is perhaps unique in the timing for in my day I was perhaps one of the first latch key kids society changed and we all had the hopes from it as well as the fears as my daddy spent so much time over seas as the world adjusted to cold war and our friendly neighbors were put on buses back and forth in false hopes that the children would not learn to hate and bully each other. Perhaps our nation has grown past the height of the conflict between its blacks and its women in the claims of reparations for their experience in past history and tool of collective guilt- but as I will go to vote today there is still echoes of these issues and between the parties here anyway voting as if each a separate election one can switch on the ballot to either party and we must juggle the false right from the false left in the declared running or vote for the less likely opponent of which our candidate should run against in the general election.

* * * * *

Well, I just voted and they had to reactivate my registration because a post card not returned (the mailbox key was lost for two weeks)... I find it interesting we could have the primary winners for governor or Lt. governor in reality the same party. The mail lady knows this and  I am rather conservative fiscally but in the case of the post office the existence and support for that institution goes deep into our constitution- it does result in the lip service for jobs.  It is a matter of civilization also as we count on the Internet for communications.  Oddly, there were two choices- one the paper ballot counted anyway by programmed machines- and the new touch screen!  Well, now in the coffee shop testing the lap top I decided I would post these thoughts today after all.

It is a messy business, but I am not running for office and in that sense have nothing to loose- I mean the existentialist in me does not want the self deception of some fact as an important historical element in the state or description, if possible, of the world I have inherited.  So I forgive those who may have been in ignorance of the value of say race in man whose philosophy was a source of such ignorance of the time, so too the less than useful idea of the laws of civilization, say Rome compared to the wisdom of Greece as a case for the better and more persistent state by diversity.

Are we not past the point when we can look history in the eye face to face and not see we explain things from our own idea of the fundamentals of social and physical dynamics.  Is not vengeance the supposed domain of a God- so why in the age when for whatever reason we had the generally peace loving Jewish community of scientists seeking to use the bomb they help discover as another punishment for the Germans.  Such an attitude should indeed be one of questioning (but this is not built into any race is it?) for those like Iran who justify such vengeance and not say Pakistan that desires to participate in this evil and even as an old nation, science that takes food out of the mouth of its people, in the name of defense.

But to say it is a matter of who is in power or holds the say that justifies conquest is perhaps an out dated idea- we would be so strong if say the Asian states, Russia and China, were part of a general new alliance for the sake of exploration and science, Not to exclude Europe or other rising truly superior in intellect peoples of now the third world.

If the women have a hard time in these hard times, as the corporal would say- it is their fault they did not win the struggle and so even as the Reich falls the losers do not deserve it - was his a philosophy born of hatred or ignorance in the world as many saw it back when.

While we have have the myth of Jewish science and the claim that on the bell curve they are the most intelligent, then the orientals, then the white man, and on the lower end the black man, the corporal would say in the twilight of his empire and the worries of so many sent to die young at the front-  "that if the German people cannot achieve victory then in a thousand years a new and better race will arise, most likely from the black man."

A problem it seems to me is that in actuality we have to deal with the fact of our metaphors and so adjust to the new realities of the state of the world we find ourselves in.  Who can deny the initial confusions as things change if someone is in the strange mix of clashing lifestyles or bastardized cultures by single mothers of the half breeds.  Such social Darwinism is just as offensive to the truth as any of our old but persistent arguments of species in struggle- and this goes as well for the wider and real freedom of ideas.

* * * * * *

Politics aside- and my intention here was to show that our ideas on our social environs as one of intelligence or consciousness or not-  I mean how do we explain the power and rise of hardly anyone to change the history- was this a consequence of the technology of a population of a small nation influencing the whole? Was it a scandal or a deep reason of our failure to look deeper into the world than some vague quasi-real ideology that asks how such disaster and conflicts and ways we treat each other come from such advanced and civilized societies?  Is that question perhaps asked in some lesser wise context of delusion, and an enticement and entrapment to leave us as victims to duels and revenge as we like the flag draped birds defend some idea of territory unto the last dreams of the rightness of our destiny?

Now, as to the technical themes of this post in that there are some, in this lack still of deeper understanding of contexts in the higher reaches of ideas such as that of symmetry or matter, or dark matter and so on- of the foundations of physics, of number and geometry of which it seems still a wide plateau before we reach the background of ideas intelligibly mixed in our petty metaphors and similes into an Omnium- as if the truth in the end will conquer all and not be corrupted by the philosophies of will itself- of the thinkers and doers in this world of possibly from beyond it, what do I need to understand in a more concrete fashion the nature of particles of which how in the adventure and hopeful times of our own era we can show to another soul the hard data and reasoning that leads us to the explicit claims for space and numbers such as that of the p-adic world... the answer to this may give us a more realistic picture of our shared lives on earth and our projects.  In this realm we may know intuitively at least the heart of the mechanism on a higher level than that unknown as behind the physics as a realm of such blindness and unknowns itself.  How is it that we can conceive of a multi-brane and many-sheet one and hold it down to something exhausted beyond the five possible levels of sphere and honeycombs?  How is it not that we are aware of these things and others are not- but that we actually think that the visions we see should be evident and not invisible to others?

Yes we can imagine as in the focusing of light that it comes again as if amplified further from the lens and presumably the units or constants that supposedly ground or unify scale, not some relativism of bootstraps- and yes the principle of generations rather than a question to ask of why nature less parsimonious in its choices or facts of design- or we can imagine this too as if the focus of such light is done in the more complex quantum logic of it all where light itself seems to vanish only to be reborn again as if it actually moved thru an invisible time or jumps in or out of that just a little higher space as if into and out of existence.

Or we can do a little more if we can answer these new fundamental questions- and if we can think clearly despite our politics and social entanglements including those we perhaps should not take as facts in the light and presumed collective realities in the virtual space of the internet, even the ranting in masks thus that we can so influence others by mere symbols, words,  that mask that may forever be hidden so we are more ruthless in anonymity, as we take the whip to ourselves as if the hangmen that his is impersonal an act, as we face looking into ourselves.  It is not clear to me knowledge or such knowledge is power although something like The Strength of Illinois is in her soil when it comes down to it still makes a lot of sense.

* * * * * 

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  1. The science daily links I read a few hours after my posting and find things perhaps a little less emotional or questionable to myself as that not in the interest of science for its own sake. Taking risks in thinking or offering thoughts is part of our intuition in the game of life.

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