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Barnyard Animal Train

Barnyard Animal Train

L. Edgar Otto    18 May, 2012 Chicago Time

Art speaks to us it seems, sometimes as the great probe into the universe of physical laws as well of that of imagination on which we try to make sense of patterns and cycles in the sky, see chaos or clockwork, project as if by prophesy the eclipses, navigate with the compass arrows and cardinal positions pointing some way with load stones and amber, plumb lines and divining rods.

In the surreal there are things that cannot allow a world that is all made of chaos, anarchy... I was most impressed with the detail of Dali, finer the pointillism than the hairs and valley's and mountains of the canvas.  Yet it was but one of many ways, the abstract quantum of Jack the Dripper seen in his reflection and abstraction as vague- or in that theory the impressions blurred if not blind that the sea of vibrations is the flowers and the fiery shadows of Monet.

One theme, two paintings, in the exhibit in London in the late 60's, an early work or some less than well known artist- I forget- impressed me most.  One had fabulous creatures and artifacts on parade along a stark and endless road and the other had the same train of things and animals all surrounding some globe or ball.  This sort of imagine I have pondered from when I was very small in the asking what holds up the moon if it is a rope as you say and where is it tied- or how then can all the stars fit on a ball?

I remember, and forgive me for the sake of stories to be in reach, looking at the celestial globe in the magic shop from outside the window I found a vision as if flying, a way.  It was hard to resolve that in daylight, not invisible in the florescence, that on the stars was drawn mythical heroes and beasts.  This was among my chief metaphors of my time among what seems trivial others, the end of reflections in the hall between two mirrors or if they never end, and two neon blue ice cubes in a small sign where you could by cubes of ice for your ice box.  These metaphors eventually merged together.

But I am not sure as physics if is deeper than art or which one is primary over the other, which one reflects us and our dreams.  But I know what you hear said or repeated sometimes about how the ancients saw, or what children see in their innocence of childhood, it is a matter of art more than a matter of science or reason, or even the drama of turbulent emotions, shadows and ghosts within or as mysteries of the antics of the gods- the adults.  So often some book or set of them are put up for show and unread and many times a child will find them, read them, find what is the stuff of gods and their sacred arks holding forbidden secrets.  I have collected many books not always able to keep them- I am sorry I was not aware of this leaving them scattered around so to set some of the course for my own kids.

We sometimes interfere with our children's life by such neglect arising from expediency or in the ignorance of neglect.  But are we not in many ways children, the childishness and childlike states of development of the universe and our minds- sometimes in the growing or the deterioration of what seems a physical substance or even the heat of self generated dreams, memories false or real or coming back long buried in the wake of learning cued perhaps by a scent or a song, the silence when the clock is not wound or the springs or weights run down in their gravity.

What is this but a reversal into the night full of cotton candy or night terrors, all to real in the arsenal of our sense of self and worries we keep secret or gush it out into the wide encounters of space?  That sense of the allegory of the cave, the burden or joy of work, the silencing of the stringy snakes or the whim of gods who leave the golden rod of dust to enlighten us or not, casting ghosts and shadows.  Is this less real than some tunnel at the end where shadows walk again in enlightenment and in this world the shadows eat the shadows?

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In my fanciful naming of continents for the dalnet philosophy IRC chatroom the fowl seemed well represented among the other varieties of a zodiac bestiary in the sky.

I am wondering what possessed the artist to make the barnyard ducks and chickens his theme and what sort of sense of symmetry in the sea or cold spaces between them in the small variations in the background barnyard.

There is another such sphere in the sculpture tour this year but to me it reminds me more of what we might see if we could blow up an atom to natural scale, decidedly more geometrical and physical, maybe more symmetric and far from the higher properties in the scale of mind and life.

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This comment added here and to the TGD blog for further clarity of thoughts relating to this theme today.


first the article says that such water bonds have not been understood.

Interestingly they reduced the configuration of those bonds to a few abstract topological shapes between points.

They never hype these fringes of their ignorance- but sometimes a misinterpretation by a layman or a professional is the proper path.

There was a photo of the volume of water on earth the other day on astronomy picture of the day- it lead to some dramatic thoughts in people who saw it, a powerful photo. I wonder if it were filled with living things how much we would take up in it and what would the memory capabilities of it be?

I am posting possibly some rather crude first beginnings at expanding my own space pictures a bit- we have to start somewhere 101. Sort of like if strings are the skeleton then generalizing them is the meat. I call it Barnyard Animal Train.

Maybe our intuitive powers of imagination will change things including what reservations still linger in talking about things associated with new age concepts.

Have you noticed the quality of everyone's posts have gone way up lately, I will have to look into Becker in your last long post series.

Current- quite and idea of some sort of quantum motion as intrinsic as time in a direction. In the shadows between such motion and rest what is in some wormholes save the bias of direction of particle emission or the hexagon on Saturn?

I like your use of wave equations only I work more at what we do within and the rearrangement or tearing apart matrices but without the contrast of some of today standard and absurd theories what would I be able to compare it to?

The PeSla (BTW I saw this article as a break in the dam that holds back the real water we would know about your theory in confirmation if they did not meter and harness the power of burying the forgetfulness of it for there own energy- it made what I doubt of your visions a little more real, myself).

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