Saturday, May 12, 2012

Does Light in Its Reflection see Itself

Does Light in Its Reflection see Itself

L. Edgar Otto  
   12 May, 2012


I put this on my status on fb today:

I am wondering at just what point my abstract ideas on the cosmos came together, deeply and concretely that I feel rather comfortable in the new paradigm- yes and to find others with similar view, and at last acceptance that we should not limit such enquiry by anyone if we are to make progress in science. It was a rather high level and subtle change- I am trying to say- but we do not need physics to feel this way in the depths of anyone's feelings or poetic moods.

and I looked at your link you posted last here. It is very synchronous to my views and many I have encountered in the blog-o-sphere as if we are all heading in new directions that perhaps converge

  (Still, in the details of your take on things I know I will require more study and time for the significance of it to awaken in me.) This added after posting this comment  L. E. Otto...

The science magazines report that having a purpose late in life delays our mental and brain decay.  In so many ways our theories are beautiful but that is not quite enough for why apply make up to the wrinkles of old age when we can reset the germ cells and nerves to a fresh start as with theories.  I am surprised that those who work on the foundations find such a wide space to explore at a time when told such a purpose will not lead to a promising career.

On the internet I have seen those in debate with some new part of the picture or what they vaguely think a part is and they have asked me how I understand when the others do not see it.  We are marginalized ourselves for supporting such people and looking a little deeper at their visions and in the wider states of our shared enquiry I see another one saying things like "I am out of here, I have better things to do with my golden years..." and it is a tragedy they give up, one on the order of the death of my astronomer friend after such an accumulation of wisdom and work that nature seems to be indifferent to such a vanishing.

Your link is such a remarkable page closer to your thoughts than thru comments to other theory blogs.  If you read some of them, including my own, we seem to entertain the same conclusions of which I will not comment here in detail, nor can I detract from it as if a challenge any more than you are considering shoring up the theory yourself.  This idea of a spacious center in black-hole like things seems to be a deeper place to consider as well what happens on the front of flat or spherical waves, and so on... not to detract from anyone's contribution where it is original.

Thank you for your efforts and inspiration. Perhaps this time our purposes for the sake of science in this medium in our ideal beginnings, such as the efforts of our Gibbs, will take, and all those who think in the field will work together at the wave front of chaos and haunting certainty, that which I see is the ground or expression of our subtle or distinct humanity.

Keep Enquiring everyone!

The PeSla

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