Thursday, May 3, 2012

Venn Vexilloid Vacuum Logic

Venn Vexilloid Vacuum Logic

L. Edgar Otto  03 May, 2012

From the viewpoint of color as concrete and not a mysterious mechanism hidden from its unity as qualia in the philosophic logic that tends to appear to be an analogy to Venn diagrams and classical logics of the design of syllogism after the development of predicate logic as in the coloring of connected paths of circuits rather than a centered universe of discourse (that essentially an idea that within a region or tract we add or subtract things for the abstract motion of the concrete as an insight to the general nature of adjacent dimensions).  The spaces of grey groups that do not exist intrinsically as filled continuity or discrete regions, these then become an influence of quantity in systems of the abstract.  But by general philosophies of reductionism these may be described again as hidden qualia in the uncertainty for in principle there are no gray groups or these are superfluous.

We find then that the inversion or mirror of the gray and hue spectrum obeys simple Boolean logic and including the boundaries, a true zero neither right or left of a line dividing a plane or the circle so dividing the geometry in representations, that these boundaries may be colored also and in the process we find the permutations along the lines of 4 colors taken three at a time and so on and the variations of the possibilities including their description for codons.  I find it strange that such counting works as a foundation of the physics of life processes and I post this after seeing the simpler diagrams- for logic itself may be questioned but the system does stand as a logical one.  This may help when we ponder ideas at the foundations of how something can be neutral and have an inverse- or from the continuous view and question if in reaching limits or levels of significant figures that experiment seems to be coincidental in design or out of reach in the theories of very large numbers (see Lubos on his discussion of 163 and its mysteries of which I may have mentioned this sort of thing myself in this blog as it too   is common knowledge among those who ponder numbers and such things.)

The mechanism and reality of the physics as explained by the mathematics can seem coincidental and hard to prove it is or not- just like if we accept or not the hypothesis of Riemann on the zeta function real value, so we can bypass the endless fall into equations that do not quite resolve at the other view of singularities that stands equally strong as a tenable view.  This property of numbers will prove an advantage for the growth of our math and logic rather than a bottle neck to our comprehension.  The quantum logic and other exotic ones like those of multi values in this view tend to revert again to classical- as does the physics in the idea of scale transitions as these physics are equivalent where physics at least seems to correspond to our laws of thought.
But it does no harm to try to analyze say numbers statistically as that is part of the general view and in matters of enquiry it does seem fundamentally not forbidden provided we do not forbid what in natural gray areas of theory.

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