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Quasifinite Simulations in Absurd Stringy Theories

Quasifinite Simulations in Absurd Stringy Theories

L. Edgar Otto    21 May, 2012

One way to tell if a theory is honest and objective in motives or solid ground of completeness is if a person or group who works in the relevant field claims the work of others as their own or as a precedent to bolster the claims of their own.

In this respect they strive to bring a trend in the development of theories as introductions of a lesser realized significance and in fact, as overestimating their interpretations and conclusions of which their only contribution is to claim as art a colleague of the insightful and original ideas of others if not ethat outright plagiarism that would usually be a lesser presentation than the original.

Nations, especially in the independence of their cultural and linguistic development, are prone to this sort of claims as a from of general publication of propaganda which usually indicates some gap, some cover up of embarrassments, some lack in equal or mature wisdom.

In the between theories which on the face of human reason is a fact as a relative and tenable truth of possibilities, in effect the very claim for some determinism in history as well the more intricate extensions of freewill tries to impose all things under the hegemony of its inadequate theory.

These theories have their place and points of view might lead to new points of departure, those who live such fiction may eventually arrive as competence not as mere assertion.  It is the contributions of the day to which we are prone to overestimate the claimed achievements of those people with the most influence in science in time to come.

As with the principles (and after all with such in between theories that are there to point toward deeper or more complete ones and to justify the general methodology and mechanism as if itself is the complete theory these are only to be thought of as interesting variations as new principles)
As with those of Goebbels who admired as equals the Slavic peoples, the bigger the lie the more it is believed. 

Science done for the hearts and minds of man is not science that can be unbiased and universal, free from ideological influence.   The big lie today is that only string theory can be an adequate way to describe quantum gravity and that the loop group cannot address it from a quantum standpoint save by vague and false imagination.  This is a grounding that does not come to simple terms with what is real as continuous or discrete (finite) so in that sense where the physics is divided neither can achieve a higher generalization or unification within its own claims.

Clearly, the issue is indeed that of an age, supposedly post ideological- the so called end to history- that deconstructs even in the name of reason, what is grounded in reason and not the calling of opponents and rationalization even if the consensus and the application of authority and power can steal from the worker anything if it done formally and in the name of due process and by the authority of witnesses to which justice is not but debate with no certain grounding save for the show and the constant internal laws of the fantasy to which the masses heed as the familiar, the slaves to which expanding society understands that they are either decent deep down or should they take up arms as pushed into corners of corners the pace of propaganda is too late to change by one act of resistance that would stop a chain reaction of a thousand injustices at a moral distance. 

Today's breakdown of society is on the academic level of the universities who think their agenda is a God given right.  And while in reality we use all the mechanisms of our brains these humans in effect only use part of them and  are surprised and outraged anyone would dare challenge the way they see the world.  Like the right wing fundamentalist Christians they expect it is their world view that will subdue and allow people to obey and know their place and defeat to the wisdom of their ingrained claims of right at the expense of the resources of all not just of others who by being here take a place- or by the powers that are in possession already by being there have to exclude them.

In one of Americas safest cities we have too much money going to more police, more jails and so on as if the bill of rights is a constant gamble- but even more of the budget goes to the social service (closely connected to the university by the workers defending their so called middle class rights) but there is no bill of rights for this.  Let us not try to understand racism as some do in their social engineering or sham guilt by the liberals, let us rather know the dream of those who will be part of a more diverse mix of minorities (which cannot exceed 40% even with intermarriage) that their children will have more than the crumbs of the pie, if that.

Or is it that we are just a commodity and political pawns in our society in a no deposit and not return society.  Sayings like it is the fault of the slave he is a slave, or the homeless and addicted to just exist, have the force of natural law or faith for stupid people.  But who says society makes sense or that it matters if reason crumbles or not in a controlled by anarchistic society full of victims whining that can only end in surprised abandonment when the capital is consumed and their reasonable dreams buried along with their disillusions?

What ground for a principle like the poor are always with us so as to arise again, perhaps into civilization?  Then again they understand there is dark matter but have no idea what it is.  In matters of human freedom and science we should chase the money changers out of the temple of humanity.
In matters of street war, if the fault is honest including those who load the dice and reap the pot,  I predict a time will come when enough is enough and the art of war will be "take no prisoners."

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