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Theotericomnium (Thom), Maps and Terrains

Theotericomnium (Thom), Maps and Terrains

L. Edgar Otto
    14 May, 2012

Let us imagine a very general space which does not need tweaking to maintain the intelligibility over all possible variations over the quasifinite universe.  This may not be as high as the sense of the term as Theology but it suggests levels of topology like centers or regions that as a creative force of the vacuum is greater than say such a conception over all the levels of brane unities and conceptions of theories greater than say the center of the omnicontinuum - that is the physical and philosophical principles unified- than the idea of the quasar era as if a beginning (not some obscure origin in a Big Bang or some eschatology scheme.

Of course the first thing to do is to explore the higher dimensional manifolds as at least a focused and balanced geometry of all the Euclidean and non-Euclidean possibilities.

From the models of gender and issues of chromosomes in things that so break the symmetry we note in matters of replication and its dependence on diversity and looping or jumping in the genome we cannot say there is one default gender - nor for that matter be content with neutral gender of an asexual nature.  The wider evidence of this is the comparison of the W and Y chromosomes (an article today in Science Daily and what I have discussed from earlier data about the abilities of replication in a secondary sex change of these species after such a change.  The concepts here should not surprise us that they have to catch up with our wider generalization of space by arithmetic and topology.  Sex is a metaphor of which it is intimate thus readily understood and in conversation, in ideas of increase or decrease of entropy for example, it is easily understood in any sort of message or communication of overt or hidden ideas.  Evolution, within bounds, in this sense in the flesh (in existing) is a series of theories of unification undergoing ongoing tweaking.

I find it significant that the data in the sci magazine reports that women and children navigate by the cues in the landscape while men tend to rely on maps, these can be literally imprinted on the brain stem as a pattern say for taxi drivers in a large city.  But apparently if unification of the physics is an analysis of the landscape to make for it a living or existing map to which we all refer to as a frame of reference, hidden or overt in the symmetries, and therein the balance or equality of things like gender as existence mirrors, the string landscape especially is a matter of the insistence on the map far from the landscape or in the landscape we may deny there can be a total map in the totality perhaps of the intimacy with the physical an idea of the vague but intelligible claims of anthropocentric and yes that such an emotional stance can be the cause of global phenomena or consciousness and shear weight of numbers for an entropy covering as global warming.

Beyond these secondary issues of the unity of quantum and general relativistic physics of foundational real and perceptive phanerons (or backgrounds) is the deeper conflict that holds from some one sided view that the mechanism, as the map, an artificial picture has to resolve (even superimpose on the higher dimensions of a brane as a map or globe) that has to confuse the map with the terrain after all-  thus there is no real unification in the physics without abandoning this idea that we have to keep these concepts separate necessarily.  The string phenomenology, while neutral and hidden in its burying or sweeping under the Persian rug of a brane of symmetries the origin of dust of its warps and woofs of weaving is a global inconsistent and contradictory stance of general reasoning.  This applies in general to compactification only theories.  But far from some supposed equilibrium of our souls in the flesh there are no laws written even if we take heaven for a plane stood on edge and perpendicular in simpler intuitions of space and symmetry that necessarily describe a total theory and it is a question of if in the various omega omnium concepts it is done then. 

We long for a space, a cave, a boundary in the woods, a home safe for while and unnoticed by the gods, lost a little in the immensity, with room, and time, and that things are unlikely or rare, the stray asteroid crashing, the earthquakes or extinctions- a little bit of less that superstitious assurances we can rest, work, think, and even replicate hopefully.  From our own analogy to creative centering in the seemingly or real forever view of our one world  far from the violence of the stars seem that they are still and fixed, as is the dust we crave to stand upon.

But I did not mean to discuss the philosophy here although it is needed as background introduction but the possibilities and count of things like the triplication of the quadratic forms that may enhance the more general possibilities as we apply them to the higher spaces and quasifinite ones higher still. Perhaps I should work on those maps some before I address the wider aspects of the theoretical landscape.  I have no illustration in mind for this post- so I will just vaguely post my symbol in triplicate and not necessarily black or white but of the color of the sky- my symbol of halves and ratios golden.

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